Belenen (belenen) wrote,

sharing music -- my itunes playlist

*glitter* here's my itunes playlist *sparkles* I'm rather proud of it! ((I know it isn't MASSIVE like some people's but hey, at least 90% of it was purchased by my penurious self)) If there is any music you'd like to try out, just let me know and I'll share. ;-) and judging by my taste, if there's anything you think I'd like that I don't have, please give me recommendations!

in other news, my email service that I otherwise adore has decided to stop allowing LJ to send me stuff (it doesn't even show up in my spambox, and I have LJ on my safelist). *grrrr* I'll have to find another place to send my notifications... gmail stacks them stupidly so that won't work. Unless LJ's just being an ass -- I can't tell where the problem is coming from. Anyway, if you've left me a question (or a comment you thought I'd respond to) and I haven't answered, that's why :-(

also: ow, cramps. :-( *whimper*
Tags: music

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