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photo-tour of my bedroom / b-day presents from Kate and Firekat!

A few weeks ago I rearranged our bedroom, turning it from a place I hated to a place I love! Ben is much happier too -- now it feels like we have two rooms instead of only the living room. I created a photo-tour of my bedroom, because a video would require clothing due to the mirrors. And this is easier!

Enter my room and look to the left: Sasha, the leopard Allison 'made' for me at Build-a-Bear, sitting on a lion, who resists naming or sexing! I don't know if s/he is male or female and I simply cannot tell what her/his name is. But I'm okay with that, s/he can keep the mystery. ;-) Above them is the red dragonfly watercolor that Allison made for Ben and I for our wedding gift -- it has a verse from "Nothing Else Matters" in gorgeous calligraphy, and our names and wedding date. At the lion's feet is the alarm clock and air purifier (for when Ben's asthma gets bad). In the corner is the massaging mat, 'my' acoustic-electric (it was my mom's but I took it when I moved out since she didn't play any more), and Ben's stratocaster.

The amp, which has a lamp clipped to the handle. On it are Ben's journal, tuner, and dish of guitar picks, and my tape recorder (for dreams). That purple thing on the floor is my glasses case. We don't use a bedframe because they're noisy and I hate the way they look. The lumps under the covers are our two bodypillows. *shakes head* I'm a cuddler but Ben isn't (he says it's because of his asthma, he gets claustrophobic). There are two wallhangings I want to get for above the bed on the non-window side, but can't afford them right now.

The perfect spot for reading! The light is so pure and sweet when diffused through a white sheet. (I was reading Just Another Kid) The sheet that comes out in a semicircle is the 'wall' to my sanctuary. It gets half of the window and oh-my-God/dess, the light fills that place like heaven. It's completely encircled in white cloth hanging from the ceiling; inside, I have purple lights strung up on the ceiling, my altar, and my comfiest-chair-ever. I may show pictures when I have it more finished, or I may not, I haven't decided. It's very sacred to me and no one goes in without my permission.

On the other side of my sanctuary is the dresser. Left side is Ben's, everything else is mine, and shows my love for Ancient Egypt. Above the dresser are two papyrus paintings and a metal plate, all from Egypt and given to me by Rebecca ♥ One painting is a burial ritual, the plate is three dancers, and the other painting is of a Pharaoh and Ma'at (the embodiment of truth) giving offerings to Hathor.

Ben's side: top shelf, wooden lion and green bottle (given by me); middle shelf, Edinburgh castle model and howling wolf figurine -- above them is the mirror I decorated for Ben; bottom shelf, green wine bottle from our honeymoon and lion figurine that I gave to Ben. In front of them is the dagger-and-kris that his parents gave us as a wedding present. In the center are two red glass vases with votive candles inside (they look awesome when lit) and Isis-and-Osiris daggers. On the top two shelves on my side are various Egyptian figurines given to me by Ben's mom.

and my favorite part of the dresser: the hieroglyphics-decorated pen given to me by Ben's mom, and the wooden box and stone Nefertiti bust given to me by Rebecca (I love how she supported my love for Egypt ♥) The box is inlaid somehow, not painted.

This box is one of my most prized possessions ♥ In it is the letter my 15-year-old self wrote to my 25-year-old self (only one more year until I can open it!!! YAY!!!) and a shard of wood from the lover trees who helped me so much during my time in PA.

and after the dresser, the door. And there is an axe in the corner, to use on robbers. The End.

And now I shriek with joy because OMG PRESENTS!!!! From Kate (clown_frog) and Firekat (kmiotutsie)!!! Kate sent me a glitter bar (YAY!!!! glitter-wearing is so magical ♥), giant purple bath-fizzy ball, HENNA kit (can't wait to try it!), a bunch of stick-on wooden ladybugs (ladybugs always remind me of my childhood, I remember seeing a family of them in the bark of a tree and being absolutely delighted), cinnamon votives (that REALLY SMELL LIKE CINNAMON OMG, and strong too!!! I am going to use them in my sanctuary ♥ ♥ ♥), and best of all, a clear violet glass perfume vial. It is so incredibly delicate and wonder-of-all-wonders, made it here perfectly intact! All the way from Scotland! And that is magic from God/dess if I have ever seen it.

it absolutely takes my breath away

I love the moss that grows on our side yard

all this green? Georgia winter, loves. *smirks*

And from Firekat!!! A Mercedes Lackey book (a staple of fantasy reading, whom I've never tried!), Inga Muscio's Cunt (borrowed and read most of it, now yay I can finish it! plus who wouldn't want Cunt on her shelf?), a GORGEOUS mini-journal with handmade paper and a vivid-violet & burgandy cover, three lovely deep purple agate slices, and... a violet and emerald translucent glass gazing ball!!! also completely undamaged! I am soooooo loved!!! Firekat said she prayed that it would get here safely, and it's perfect. ♥ I'm awed!

Ben is my obliging helper :D He has such gorgeous hands... they were the first part I fell in love with.

this is truest to the color ♥

ohh the swirls...

glass fascinates me, thrills me, calls to me.

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