Belenen (belenen) wrote,

selfportraits in the spring green & vivid violet hat!

hi, hello, greetings (the hat looks bluer in photos than it does in real life, it's almost the exact same shade as the shirt. also the green is the same shade as the earrings. I think the shimmeriness of it changes the color in certain lights.)

so coy!

my little kid grin, very pleased with my amazing thrift store find :D a present from God/dess, never worn! (the interfacing on the inside was still completely stiff and stark white)

*eee!* it's spring!

*kisses* yes I make kissy faces and noises a lot! don't blame me, Hannah started it with her kissy sounds on the phone! :D

golden sun in my blue hazel eyes


and while I'm at it, my visual DNA:

Read my VisualDNA or Get your own VisualDNA™
Tags: meme, photos, self-portraits

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