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photo-floods to come!

ack! I'm feeling blocked because I have SO MUCH TO SHARE OMG! Kat came to visit me! We did tons of things and took 400+ photos in about 4 days! :D bua-ha-ha! So since I want to share a bunch of those, plus a bunch of recent self-portraits, plus a bunch more from when Hannah came to visit (want to get them out of the way before she comes down again, which will hopefully be in just over a month!) my journal is going to be mainly photo-posts for a bit! (apologies to the few who were looking forward to textual posts *kisses* to make up for it)

I think it is time to admit that I love photography. :D I'm still editing, but the flood of photos will begin soon! *dances*

I didn't get the coffeeshop job because they're CLOSING THE LOCATION. Now that is a reason I can't argue with :-\ and I love that location, dammit! I need to get some photos before they close for good. :-(
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