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worry & missing Hannah / made jewelry a few days ago / gypsy spirit

augh! I've been feeling so crappy the past few days :-( I'm really worried about whether or not Hannah will be able to come over when I want her to. She has to do some stuff to get her passport renewed, which takes time, and I want to hurry up and get tickets, but not until I know she'll be able to use them! argh! I miss her so damn much, it's been 9 months since I have seen her, my soulfriend. I want her here SOON, I don't want to wait! There are so many wonderful things I have planned for us to do together. So everyone please, please, PLEASE pray or send positive energy or good thoughts, so that she will be able to get everything in order in time for us to get affordable tickets to get her here June 13th.

I miss my Firekat too, it was so wonderful having her here... and I miss 'Kenzy and Meliae, who haven't been on to chat in ages (enough that I am starting to worry!) and I miss SabR and Kazi and and and... :-(

I made a necklace/earring set the other day (before this nasty lethargy set in) but I don't have the motivation to photograph it, so poo.

random thing I said in a community today: I live in a world that does not allow many to create a 'true' gypsy lifestyle, but that does not mean I am not a gypsy. I am a gypsy who has been separated from my scattered tribe and trapped in a disconnected, money-driven world, where my creations and innovation are not enough to feed and clothe me (without also tying me down). I don't know my bloodline, and I might live in the same place for a while, but my heart is eternally wandering, free, wild, not recognizing 'ownership' of things and land and people, not recognizing borders, refusing to be pinned to one way of living. And it is my heart that defines me. One day I hope to have my outer life match my inner, but even if that never happens, I will always be a gypsy. (I feel like saving this and turning it into a real post, but I do that too much, which is why I have a whole pile of incomplete posts. Instead I will share it in its raw form)

I need cuddles :-(
Tags: hannah, jewelry, lj friends, touch, wanderlusting

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