Belenen (belenen) wrote,

dream (Angelina plays music naked, pregnant / we get sensual on the ocean shore of an island I own)

I dreamed that I was watching a movie that was slow and dull for the most part, but at the end Angelina had a small part. She was in the early stages of pregnancy, so she was rounded, and she was playing what I first thought was the glass harmonica and then realized was the harpsichord. She was playing naked, on a dark stage with a spotlight on her (in a concert hall?), in the movie, and after she finished the song, the scene shifted.

We were on this tropical island with a huge house, and it was all mine. We were exploring and I was amazed that I owned such a huge and beautiful place (we entered the island through a series of really long narrowish (bike width) wooden bridges). We went walking along the beach, being playful and teasing, and ended up rolling around in the shallows. I came on to her and she responded in kind, and we went deeper into the water, and I was holding her up as we kissed & etc. Then she said she was cold, so I suggested that maybe she should dry off, and we walked back up to the shore and she dried off. I started to reach for her and she kinda shrank back and said, "oh, I don't, I don't know," and I stopped and looked at her, and she saw that I was hurt/confused and said to me, "You did everything right, it wasn't that..." I looked into her eyes a little bit longer, and she apologized and said "I don't know what to say..." and we came to this kitchen counter that was in the middle of nowhere (on the beach!) and she sat on one side of the sink and I sat on the other. I looked at her and asked, "Is it because you feel that I might betray you for money?" and she didn't want to say it, but she kind of nodded, so I started to explain why I would never ever, EVER do something like that. I told her that I wouldn't even be tempted, because money isn't the thing I love most, what I love most are connections. and while I'd probably tell my close friends (thinking of LJ) because it was an important event in my life, I wouldn't tell fans or make it public. I said that the connection I would have with her would be far more important than any amount of money or fame, and I wouldn't do anything that might cause me to lose that connection. I could tell that she believed me, but before she had a chance to respond I WOKE UP. dammit.

I think it's pretty clear that in this dream she represents a part of my psyche.
Tags: angelina, dreams, dreams more real than waking, sensuality, sex

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