Belenen (belenen) wrote,

dream (my partner & I have amazing kisses, he gives me knives, I stab him and take him to hospital)

I dreamed that I was in a house with my parents, siblings, and my partner, and we were playing some sort of game while lying on the floor. I leaned close to my partner while moving a playing piece, and he kissed me (upside down). I kissed him back, and the kisses got more and more intense. (felt supernaturally amazing) Then I suddenly realized I didn't know anything about his life, so I asked if he had a girlfriend, and he said yes. I was shocked and pulled back, saying that was terrible, and he asked why. I told him that if I was his girlfriend and he just went and kissed someone else, I'd be mad enough to kill him. Then I corrected myself and said, actually, I'd probably harm myself instead because I tend to take out my feelings on myself, then corrected myself again and said I'd probably harm us both equally. Then I got up and left, went to 'my' room and closed the door. But as I turned around, there he was, with a knife in each hand. He said he wanted me to stab us both, him first, then me. I didn't have much objection to that, but he wanted me to used the flimsy, crappy, plastic-handled on on him, and the nice, fancy, super-sharp one on me. I told him no, but he wouldn't give them to me until I said yes, so I did, and he handed me the blades. I stabbed him in the side with the nice one, and then went to open the door and throw the crappy knife into the hall. I kept the nice knife in case I needed it to keep him from trying to kill us both. Then I came back in the room and he was lying on my bed, so I was worried that I had stabbed him deeper than I meant to, and called for my mom/siblings (my dad said something about us deserving it? or me deserving it for not kicking him out of my room?) to help me get him to the hospital. I handed the nice knife to one of my siblings, to hold in case it was needed. My partner tried to sit up in a hurry, saying he was fine, but he couldn't, so I was more convinced. I hurried to put clothes on (I had been naked) and as I was putting on these black pants my mom was suggesting purple pants, but I already had one leg in and didn't have time to change. Then I carried him out as we went to the hospital.
Tags: b - ex-partner, biofamily, dreams

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