Belenen (belenen) wrote,

dream (I make up a song and sing/dance sensually to it to please myself)

I dreamed I was in a large house alone (in the kitchen again (according to dreammoods, the kitchen is symbolic of transformation), in twilight, nearing dark but still light enough to move easily without turning on the lights. I was dancing to a jazz song I was writing in my head, dancing very seductively and running my hands over myself. I also had a glass of white wine which I poured on certain body parts every now and then. The only part of the song I remember was something about 'your hips drive me insane.' It was all for my own benefit, and I remember thinking to myself, "If you would do it for someone else you sure as hell ought to do it for yourself." I was nearing the end when I thought I heard someone come in, so I took off for the upstairs bathroom, which I locked behind me and continued my dance and song while watching myself in the mirror along one wall. Then someone (I think my younger brother, ew) knocked and asked what I was doing, which infuriated me and spoiled the mood. Then I woke up, about five minutes before my alarm was set to go off (I think that's why my brain interrupted the dream).

So I turned the alarm off and gave myself satisfaction. ;-) It was a very very lovely dream, though I'm a little annoyed that twice lately I've woken up before the final scene.

In an earlier part of the dream, I posted a list of people I would want to have sex with on a public door, and then worried that Michael (an old friend) would see his name on it, because he was coming over to my house and the door was on the street he would walk down. Sooooo strange.

This one speaks to me of satisfying myself creatively -- that my artistic ventures are enough to fulfill me.
Tags: dreams, sensuality, sex

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