Belenen (belenen) wrote,

fire and drought

(I didn't take that photo, found it on google and edited it)

Wildfires have been burning in Georgia for 6+ weeks now, burning 600,000 acres. :-( Even though it's happening pretty far from here, a few days ago I could see and smell the smoke. It makes me want to cry, thinking of the wounding of the land -- I love this state like a person, and it hurts that she's in trouble. (and I can't bear to even think of the trees) Today I felt moisture in the air for the first time in a LONG time (and I didn't sweat buckets like I have been) -- it felt so good, and I was certain it was going to rain but it didn't. I wanted to dance naked outside! I feel so frustrated that I have no place to do that. and I wish I had a tribe to do a rain dance with. Maybe I should call up Rebecca and get her to sing 'Flood' -- that always used to work. But she's in NM now, don't want them to get the rain. And according to, we're not actually due rain for another week. It doesn't help that we are in extreme drought... "Extreme drought conditions are defined as those expected once in 50 years, based on many indicators." I want to help, and can't. :-(

I've been more connected to the earth lately (lousy timing!) -- I started going outside once a day to lay on the (drying up :-() moss next to our door. I've ignored it in the past because it's not really a 'yard,' just a teeny bit of ground before the parking lot, but after trying it the first time and feeling so amazingly refreshed and revitalized, I realize that earth is earth, even if it is surrounded by concrete. And staring up at the sky and branches of the few trees around, I feel so... full. I wish I could give back.
Tags: clothesfree, georgia, spirituality, trees, wanderlusting

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