Belenen (belenen) wrote,

randomness: welcome new people, music, landscape drawing meme, commenting stats

I just spent a goodly pile of hours looking for cool new people (and have added a few people over the last week, just randomly), so welcome diepunyhuman, inangkor, justkat2, jzer, luisrico_1867, sylvanfae, underwatercolor! *waves* Feel free to fill out my get to know you survey (thanks Kat & Luis!) I seem to get the urge to make new connections whenever I'm feeling disconnected from my current people, which sucks because then the new people get the initial impression of me as a negative/down person, and that is so totally not me. But it's okay because first impressions never last, or so I firmly believe :D

bluebl00d, I've been listening to your radio for the last few days -- love it! (except for the classic/80's rock, sadly) and every time that Drinking In LA song comes on I get positively giddy. I love the Playing By Heart soundtrack so much. I need to buy it -- I only have the score. Anyway, my point was, you have awesome taste. ;-)

Happy Birthday synisterchyck! Hope you have a fabulous day!

The landscape drawing meme: click here and make/save your drawing before looking under the cut. ((Don't look at my drawing or the other comments first!)) Then post your drawing as a comment and I will analyze it for you! Comments are screened until I interpret them ;-)

Top Commenters on belenen's LiveJournal
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1darkpool303 303
2sidheblessed291 291
3kevloid2007278 278
4clown_frog264 264
5kmiotutsie257 257
6anar_anar217 217
7acid_burns209 209
8thesaj149 149
9writer_lilies143 143
10bluebl00d123 123
11shioneh81 81
12marybeth81 81
13chillychilly2280 80
14kashlamar78 78
15in_withbothfeet77 77
16woah_the_kettle75 75
17cherrywindex75 75
18smurfb1ue72 72
19notashamed70 70
20sabr66 66
21delicatexflower65 65
22lorelei_sakti59 59
23sunshinepill51 51
24wild_root_fruit42 42
25katielilie41 41
26paravati41 41
27thiswaste39 39
28twisteddaydream36 36
29hottergirl0133 33
30wallbrat33 33
31synisterchyck32 32
32theardent31 31
33_paroxysm_30 30
34earthy_goddess23 23
35dragonwine20 20
36blood_4_deniro16 16
37spindell16 16
38malignlibra16 16
39euterpe15 15
40shadowlily13 13
41brightlotusmoon12 12
42bellerisa11 11
43verviana10 10
44dithering10 10
45aliyna8 8
46roina_arwen7 7
47callmebee5 5
48rescoto5 5
49girlslovegirls73 3
50kschap2 2
51kiwi2 2
52diepunyhuman1 1
53justkat21 1
54moon_orchid1 1
55jzer1 1

Total Commenters: 479 (424 not shown)
Total Comments: 15415

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