Belenen (belenen) wrote,

Chairoscuro self-portrait shoot

I'm sharing part of a series of nude self-portraits I took back in March. I'm very very pleased with how they came out.

(click to see larger)

ripe ~
- resembling matured fruit, as in ruddiness and fullness.
- arrived at the highest point of development or excellence.
- fully prepared or ready to do or undergo something.
- exhibiting overtones of or references to sex.

- abundantly and often extravagantly rich and varied; prolific
- yielding abundantly; fertile; fruitful; productive
- abundant or lush in growth, as vegetation.

For much of my life I believed that there was black and white, right and wrong;
clear lines that made all decisions easy. Since then I have slowly but surely learned
that we interpret things as 'black' or 'white' depending on where we are; if something
is darker than us, we call it black, and if it's lighter we call it white. Recognizing that
we all live in the grey has given me such freedom, freedom from imposing laws on
myself or others. Freedom to live beyond borders. Freedom to accept both my body
shape and all others as beautiful, without comparison.

just glitter lust

This is an illustration of how I feel about my body -- pride, affection, unity.
I love my body: I love how strong and bold it is, and at the same time, how welcoming and soft.
My arm is wrapped around in affection, never shame.

My body is a physical expression of my spirit.

this is my favorite photo ever taken of my body ♥

Our true power comes from our inner light.
Our inner light is strengthened by accepting light from others.
Tags: art -- photography, clothesfree, creativity, photos, self-portraits

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