Belenen (belenen) wrote,

glasses no worky!

Ben accidentally stepped on and smooshed my glasses (way bad) so my nose is practically touching the keys right now and omg the misspellings and fortunate backspace. I am officially blind until (hopefully) tomorrow! unless I hold my glasses to my face. which is not fun and gives me headache. Want eyes that work, dammit! hopefully get contacts when fix glasses -- hopefully eyes have gotten over their stupid contact aversion! *throws tantrum* Being blind is worst thing ever. I have nightmares about blurry unclearable vision sometimes.

also holding breath for news of hannahvisit NUMBER TWO, mah peoples! hold your breaths too! and WHEN IS THE PERMACCOUNT GOING ON SALE ARGHHHHHH!!!!! am paranoid of missing it.
Tags: little chaotic posts

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