Belenen (belenen) wrote,

the hook-up #3

I've been friending all these awesome new people lately and now I have the urge to share the joy of new wonderful friends ♥ All these are matches whom I feel sure would really enjoy each other:

shioneh + earthy_goddess (feminism! education! philosophy! and also I've been bugging you both for EVER *stern face*)
shioneh + malignlibra (because you're both awesome, so there)
malignlibra + legein (love dogs with a passion! & photography!)
sabr + legein (love dogs with a passion! & photography!)
clown_frog + earthy_goddess (feminism! education! philosophy!)
acid_burns + clown_frog (deep thinkers, compassionate)
acid_burns + sunshinepill (inspiring photographers, both intense yet laid back)
kmiotutsie + shadowlily (free-spirited hippies)
kschap + verviana (thought-provoking feminists)
dragonwine + earthy_goddess (open-minded, creative)
sidheblessed + spindell (natural-minded aussies)
brightlotusmoon + moon_orchid (spiritual and open)
aliyna + earthy_goddess (that inexplicable 'something')
smurfb1ue + wild_root_fruit (open-minded christians)
sylvanfae + katielilie (poly with kids, into spirituality & fae)
katielilie + blood_4_deniro (similar politics, compassionate)
cherrywindex + blood_4_deniro (both leos, and that inexplicable 'something')
thesaj + rescoto (feminist guys (of a grand presence))
callmebee + woah_the_kettle (similar 'vibe', both cancers)
paravati + synisterchyck (dammit, when did you friend each other?? you're ahead of me!)
bluebl00d + bellerisa (sagittarius, and that inexplicable 'something')
notashamed + bellerisa (fellow Hogwarts graduates, compatible sense of humor)
chillychilly22 + lorelei_sakti (that inexplicable 'something')
dithering + delicatexflower (both such romantics ♥, love daydreaming, spirituality, trees)
wallbrat + roina_arwen (mythology, both have an 'open' vibe)
kevloid2007 + jzer (engineering, computers)

if you don't have a match, it's either because 1) I already hooked you up with the people I wanted you to friend or 2) you're so unique I don't have a friend who is at all like you or 3) I don't know you well enough yet to know who you'd like, or was unsure. If you don't have a match and you want one, let me know and I'll try. ;-)
Tags: lj friends, meme

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