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Sylvia (my car) is sick! ... I'm sad

My car (Sylvia) is sick. We were driving along, and all of a sudden her rpm's went to zero and she stalled, like she stopped getting fuel, but she had plenty of gas... We don't know what is wrong with her.... And unfortunately, there was no place to turn off to, so we just coasted to a stop on the side of a road with no shoulder, and got out. Only two people stopped the entire 80 or so minutes that we stood there. The first was a man who lived nearby, saw us when driving home, and went out of his way to come lend us his cell phone. He was a skinny, 40-something man who drove a minivan and wore sandals, shorts, and a t-shirt. The only other person who stopped and offered help was a guy of about 25 in a new-looking black car, who looked like he might offer to pierce your ear with a pen, not offer you a ride. (The only adjective I can think of to describe him is "tough." He wasn't one of those guys who try to look tough, he just was and he knew it.) Proof that rebels are the awesomest people. And weird people of all kinds are the best ones.

I'm sad about Sylvia. I want to make her better.


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