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Etowah Indian Mounds -- me & my partner

Saturday we had planned to go to the Etowah Mounds, but we didn't get much sleep the morning before and Hannah didn't have the energy to go, so my partner and I went without her, and it was absolutely incredible. I believe it was meant to be that way, because if she had gone, I would have been very caught up in spending time with her and wouldn't have experienced it the same way (and she needed the sleep). I also feel like being with her this past week was a kind of catalyst for us both and we wouldn't have experienced it as deeply had she not been here.

We sat and listened to a man talk about the history of the major Native American tribes (including how some were matriarchal) and play a beautiful song on the flute, and then a group of Native Americans taught us about the different types of dance, and demonstrated... the music went straight to my blood and filled me up... ohhh I love drums. (and I learned that I prefer the deeper, southern style of singing rather than the higher northern style)

little boy drummer -- he kept quite a good rhythm! And the adults treated him with as much respect as they did each other -- they didn't condescend, but took him seriously ♥

drumming circle

this guy took it very seriously; you could easily see it was of high importance to him

you could see the story he told with his dance

this guy danced so wildly and fast that I had a very hard time photographing him as more than a blur of color

this guy was very shy but so expressive in his dance and attire

Afterward, I sat on the edge of the 'borrow pit' and gazed at the massive tree growing from the bed of it -- how old the pit must be to have such an Elder growing there! -- and my partner spoke with the flute player. My partner's part Seminole but has never really explored his heritage -- I was so thrilled that he spoke so openly about it, and thrilled that he wanted to buy the CD of flute music. It's such a huge step in openness -- I can't even express how amazed I am, how happy. I've felt like he had this amazing present, but he never even took the wrapping off -- and I would have opened it as soon as my baby hands could manage it, and worn it like a crown ever after. Even though it's not something I can share, I know it's such a big part of who he is, and I am so excited that he is finally opening up to it. I think this was a exuviating experience for him -- no, I know it. He's letting me post photos of him without him having to approve them first!

Then we walked to the largest mound, and up the many shallow steps... and I lost my breath, partly because I'm out of shape and partly because I was overwhelmed by the spirit of the place. I was immediately drawn to a massive tree on the side of the mound, my God/dess, it was so amazing -- I have tears in my eyes at the memory. I sat near and spoke quietly to it as my partner walked away around the edge of the mound, and just drank in its presence... when my partner came back I said that I wished I could touch it, and so he insisted on helping me down to it (I have a fear of heights and not much faith in my own balance). When I touched its bark, I felt such a strong rush of warmth! I've had only one experience even remotely like it, and that was 8 years ago... this was such a profoundly spiritual experience; I feel like it confirms my connection with trees. I can't put it into words, it was so amazing -- in that one second, everything shifted. I feel like everything I believe became more real, more alive. (and I realized that I've never met a tree as old as that one -- all the trees I have met have been young) My partner took some photos of the moment (which I am so grateful for), and then helped me back up to the top.

We wandered around and I saw several more amazing trees (including one with a faery house!), but none like that one. I feel like I left a little piece of my heart with it, and I can feel the tug of that connection. ♥ How can life be so amazing? (God/dess, I love you, thank you for this life, thank you for the beauty and the love you put in everything ♥ ♥ ♥) And there was a river nearby! Such an amazing, incredible, fascinating place -- I felt honored to walk the ground there. I definitely must go back (and next time I must wear sunscreen).

meeting the Elder

I'm so small

(I love how you can see my silver hairs)



under a willow

another amazing tree on the edge of the mound

feeling the earth

when I was laying under the tree

♥ ♥ ♥

this is the tree I was laying under, as viewed from the bottom of the mound

my partner -- comfortable!

my partner stares

I love this one ♥

wild at heart

lush path

faery home

I LOVE the light shining through that leaf

and that night my partner and I had the most amazing, beautifully connected sexperience we've ever had... It was incredible. I feel like we both opened up to each other in a way we never have before. ♥

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woah_the_kettle ══╣╠══
I love this entry on so many levels.

I love hearing more about ben, and I'm SO happy he's opening up.

I love hearing about that tree, and I know exactly what you're talking about when you say warmth.

I love hearing that all of this took place at the mounds, because there is always such a special open emotion at indian mounds (or at least the one I've been to does)
belenen ══╣adoring╠══
*hug hug hug* I'm glad you loved the post ♥
kevloid2007 ══╣╠══
where are those dancers from? they're dressed like the northern prairie tribes' dancers, but you're more a LONG way from the prairies.
belenen ══╣garrulous╠══
from various places -- some south, some north, but they didn't mention any specifics.
kevloid2007 ══╣╠══
if you wanna find out more about the native history, there's a great book called '500 nations'.
belenen ══╣effervescent╠══
added to my amazon wish list and the DVDs are added to my netflix queue, thanks!
kevloid2007 ══╣╠══
armandii ══╣╠══
What beautiful photographs, I love the ones of you with the tree, and especially love 'feeling the earth'
tree joy
belenen ══╣tree joy╠══
oh thank you ♥ ♥
rockedtwatcat ══╣╠══
wow! what a great experience...i'd love to devote a day to that...i love learning about history and culture :)

and your photos are absolutely gorgeous!
tree joy
belenen ══╣tree joy╠══
thank you! ;-)
Theberge / Morning Rain
bluebl00d ══╣Theberge / Morning Rain╠══
tree joy
belenen ══╣tree joy╠══
thanks so much! :D
folkchick3 ══╣╠══
What an amazing experience! And how wonderful that you and Ben were open and sharing it together. Your pictures are exquisite...
tree joy
belenen ══╣tree joy╠══
thank you! ;-)
sidheblessed ══╣╠══
It sounds (and looks) like an amazing day!
tree joy
belenen ══╣tree joy╠══
it was! ;-)
spindell ══╣╠══
*sigh* These photos were worth the wait.

I know what you mean about drumming - everytime I hear drums, it's like my heart just wants to leap out of my throat! It makes me want to leap and dance and shout - it's impossible to stand still. I had the privelige of drumming with some of the young guys in our church the other night - we had a prayer thing, and to open it, I painted up the boys and me in warpaint and we drummed and drummed - SO awesome.

I'm so happy to hear that you and Ben are growing closer. It's a beautiful thing. And he's so handsome! I hope you don't mind me observing. It's nice to see photos of him being comfortable.

And that big Mother tree.... she's amazing and huge. what a presence!
belenen ══╣treespirit╠══
ohhhh that is awesome! The church I just visited mentioned something about a drum circle, and I DEFINITELY want to attend when they next have one!

of course I don't mind ;-) He IS handsome ;-D ♥

oh, yes, what a presence, indeed...
juansrx ══╣bmb1╠══
I like the photoes, photoes about landscapes or countries or cultures are some of my favourites.
belenen ══╣garrulous╠══
very cool!
spindell ══╣╠══
Oh! I just woke up from a dream where I met you! I came to visit your house, and for some reason I brought my parents? And you were so sweet and lovely (except for some reason your house was mostly windows and full of lush, green plants!) and we kept kissing each other on the cheek and taking photos of it... he he. But then I had to go, and you weren't going wherever it was that we were going.... can't remember now.... anyway! I just woke up from this and wanted to write it down!
belenen ══╣connate╠══
oh wow! awwwww and that house sounds like my IDEAL HOUSE, OMG. awwwww! I'm so happy to have dream-met you! :D
bellerisa ══╣╠══
This post is very touching :) I'm happy to hear you had such a lovely time both during and afterwards.

The little drummer boy is just too cute :D
belenen ══╣vivacious╠══
(Anonymous) ══╣╠══
belenen ══╣loving╠══
♥ ♥ ♥
(Anonymous) ══╣╠══
belenen ══╣loving╠══
♥ ♥ ♥ thank you for the sweet comment *hugs*
kevloid2007 ══╣╠══
where ya been?
belenen ══╣loving╠══
thankie -- it was sweet to know I was missed ;-)
on communication, social justice, intimacy, consent, friendship & other relationships, spirituality, gender, queerness, & dreams. Expect to find curse words, nudity, (occasionally explicit) talk of sex, and angry ranting, but NEVER slurs or sexually violent language. I use TW when I am aware of the need and on request.
Expect to find curse words, nudity, (occasionally explicit) talk of sex, and angry ranting, but NEVER slurs or sexually violent language. I use TW when I am aware of the need and on request.