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music by letters meme

There's this meme that acid_burns and bluebl00d did, that goes like this: Comment and (if you want) I'll give you a letter. In your journal, list 10 of your favorite songs that begin with that letter. So I commented and Vee gave me 'R' "for radiant, as you are" (*beams*) and Nea gave me 'S' for strength. Sooo, this mix is entitled "Radiant Strength" though it's not necessarily themed accordingly. And I googled 'radiant strength,' found two images and compiled them for this:

Radiant Strength

(click for a zip of all 19 songs)

Raga bageshwari -- Deepika
Raks Zahra -- Cairo Trip Hop Underground
Repeat Defeat -- Invisible Ballet
Ring Around Her Finger -- Tonic
Rebellion (Lies) -- The Arcade Fire
Resist -- Kosheen
Reset -- MuteMath
Rest Easy -- John Reuben
Said The Sun To Shine -- Earthsuit
Stare At The Sun -- MuteMath
Surgery In the Sky -- Venus Hum
Scar -- Missy Higgins
Shame -- PJ Harvey
Swallow Me -- Esthero
Spring To Kingdom Come -- Flunk
Stay With Me -- Dolores O'Riordan
Somebody Else's Song -- Lifehouse
Secret -- The Benjamin Gate
Stripped -- Shiny Toy Guns

(it makes a surprisingly coherent journey!)


Raga bageshwari -- Deepika (world / middle eastern / trip-hop)
Raks Zahra -- Cairo Trip Hop Underground (world / middle eastern / trip-hop)
Repeat Defeat -- Invisible Ballet (alternative/electronic)
if love is just a shared belief // what happens when there's only me? // in the midst of all this stagnation, you injected momentum // like a painting, you reveal myself to me
Ring Around Her Finger -- Tonic (rock)
so give me love // give me fascination // give me strength that I can save my relationship // So we dream about tomorrow // And we struggle for today // But somewhere we'll find the answer
Rebellion (Lies) -- The Arcade Fire (rock)
Resist -- Kosheen (electronica/dance)
don't rely on this reflection -- it'll come undone // the hurt of this rejection won't be the only one // thank you for showing me who you are // when all that we have left now is wounds and scars
Reset -- MuteMath (alternative/electronic)
incredible instrumental!
Rest Easy -- John Reuben (hip-hop/rap)
I don't want to live life just waitin' to go // nah I want to live well, excel and grow I'm sayin' though // I want to live life to the fullest // rest easy, easy; I say, I say, whom shall I fear?


Said The Sun To Shine -- Earthsuit (electronica/dance)
I am the light of life, the brilliant morning star // and I have made you in my image; I am just like you are // be my reflection to this world // you're my unique design
Stare At The Sun -- MuteMath (alternative/electronic)
And we stare at the sun // but we never see anything there // just the glare has become // all that we'll ever see there. // The sky is always wondering "What are these arguments about?" // You think we would notice our eyes are burning out
Surgery In the Sky -- Venus Hum (trip-hop)
you lift your arm, try to catch a star // it fell down your sleeve and cut your heart // you believe it'll leave a lovely scar // this surgery in the sky
Scar -- Missy Higgins (alternative)
A triangle trying to squeeze through a circle // She tried to blunt me so I'd fit // I think I realized just in time, although my old self was hard to find // You can bathe me in your finest wine but I'll never give you mine // 'Cos I'm a little bit tired of fearing that I'll be the bad fruit nobody buys // Tell me, did you think we'd all dream the same?
Shame -- PJ Harvey (alternative/folk)
You changed my life // we were as green as grass // And I was hypnotized // from the first 'til the last // Kiss of shame, shame, shame // shame is the shadow of love
Swallow Me -- Esthero (trip-hop)
recognize between the lines of what you feel and what you be // you can be so lost and so found
Spring To Kingdom Come -- Flunk (trip-hop)
I'm waiting for spring to come to my kingdom // I'm counting on you here
Stay With Me -- Dolores O'Riordan (rock (evanescence feel))
the lyrics are so simple, but the amount of emotion she pours through them is enough to change you forever.
Somebody Else's Song -- Lifehouse (alternative)
feeling like I'm chasing // like I'm facing myself alone // I've got somebody else's thoughts in my head // I want some of my own
Secret -- The Benjamin Gate (alternative rock)
Oh hold me and heal me // keep my heart in your hands
Stripped -- Shiny Toy Guns (alternative/electronic)
come with me into the trees
we'll lay on the grass and let the hours pass
take my hand, come back to the land
let's get away, just for one day

let me see you stripped down to the bone
let me hear you speaking just for me
let me hear you crying just for me

let me hear you make decisions
without your television

let me hear you speaking just for me

metropolis has nothing on this
you're breathing in fumes
I taste when we kiss
take my hand, come back to the land
where everything's ours for a few hours

I can't even begin to express what this song means to me... it's like a portrait of me, painted in sound. I love it so so so so so fucking much. It gives me shivers every time it starts to play. If you want to know me more, listen to this song. It sings me.
Tags: meme, music, nea, those passing through

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