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meme -- pick one of my interests and ask me about it

Stolen from evileve, who stole it from djaesthetic....

Pick an interest from 97 firebirds, air hockey, all together separate, ancient egypt, angelina jolie, angie aparo, art photography, asking questions, avant, bare feet, barefoot, bastet, beaded jewelry, beading, beauty, belly dancing, bellydancing, benjamin gate, big boots, black and white photography, books, brightblur, bush, c. s. lewis, cake (the band), calvin & hobbes, candy, cats, chai tea, coffee, coldplay, collective soul, concerts, cranberries, creating websites, creative writing, curiosity, damien rice, dancing, designing clothes, douglas adams, dragonflies, dragons, drawing, dreams, driving a stick-shift, earthsuit, egypt, egyptology, eminem, emo, etymology, evanescence, fae, faeries, fantasy, firebirds, fono, fuel, georgia, getting answers, gia, god, goo goo dolls, gypsies, hitchhiker's guide, holy spirit, honesty, hoobastank, hopscotch, incubus, intelligence, ireland, isis, ja rule, jars of clay, jennifer knapp, jesus, jewel, john reuben, julio cortazar, kayaking, laughing, linguistics, long hair, lotr, luna halo, maat, making clothes, making costumes, massive attack, massivivid, metallica, modeling, monty python, music, mythical creatures, mythology, nekhebet, nephthys, nickelback, out of eden, p.o.d., painting, pax 217, photography, photoshop, piers anthony, pillar, playing by heart, poetry, polarboy, portishead, questions, randomness, reading, riding horseback, road trips, ryan phillippe, sci-fi/fantasy, science fiction, sekhmet, seshat, seventh day slumber, shimmer, singing, sunny day real estate, switchfoot, tad williams, tattoos, tenacious d, the benjamin gate, the cranberries, the matrix series, the usual suspects, theology, three doors down, thrift stores, tonic, tourniquet, truth, used book stores, weirdness, white cheddar cheez-its, white crow, why, writing, writing fantasy, writing poetry, that you either :

1) don't know anything about or
2) can't understand why I would dig it

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