Belenen (belenen) wrote,

Happy Birthday Nea and Rorie!

(I'm back!)

Happy Birthday Nea!!! and Happy belated Birthday Rorie! Oh-so-luckily, I recently found an artist I think you'd both like, who I am fairly sure you don't know of -- Noe Venable. ♥

(all the songs in this zip are free full-length downloads from her site)
(megaupload zip - click pic for sendspace)

just say a prayer for beauty
that she's holding your hand even when you can't see her
cause I think mercy waits to take your hand
at least til you can admit that you need her
well I need her

Hope you guys like the music and I hope you have/had wonderful birthdays. Much love!
Tags: lj friends, music, nea, noe venable

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