Belenen (belenen) wrote,

photos from the trip w/ biofamily

The ones with me in them aren't as great as the others, 'cause I couldn't see what I was shooting, of course. :-p I took about 600 photos this trip (well, Ben took some of them) so I'm breaking them into several posts. I took some portrait-style photos of lil sis and mom which turned out AMAZING and I can't wait to share them, next. And after that, a clothed shoot of me and a nude one. and maybe a text post about the trip somewhere in there...

probably my favoritest thing about my new camera -- it shows my eyecolor correctly. You still have to look a little closely, but in all well-lit photos you can see they have green in them.

awwww cutie lil sis

SUCH an amazing photo. I'm gonna get a print of this one. :D

our matching smiles and different everything else


it wouldn't be a Bel post without a kissy picture!

my gorgeous taller lil sister and me

lil sis: :) bel: :D

bel blissfully unaware of evil lil sis!

bel is horrified! lil sis is gleeful!

hee hee

:-o !


lil sis and mom


such pretty eyes

2 crooked smiles

me & momeo
Tags: ace, art -- photography, biofamily, pat, photos

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