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belversion of the interview meme: answers 1-6

(from this meme)

1. (from dragonwine) What is your personal view on gender in a sociological sense? Do you think gender, like sexuality, is fluid or not?
omg, have a whole post on this that has been brewing for a good while. I would give the short answer, but it would likely spark questions from a lot of people and I'm not quite ready to discuss it. I suppose I should say that my view is not yet well-developed enough to share.

2. (from dragonwine) What's the last thing you've done that your rational, thinking mind told you not to do, but you did it anyway and the results were more than rewarding?
hm, I can't quite think of a recent one... maybe buying my camera. I didn't realize how important photography was to me until Spyder stopped working.

3. (from acid_burns) What is the most beautiful thing anyone has ever done to you?
hmmmm. I think it's still the two gifts that Allison made for me -- the red dragonfly for my wedding and the portrait of me as a faery for my birthday. She spent so many hours on them and made them so perfectly suited to me... I'm still blown away.

4. (from acid_burns) What turns you on [creatively, spiritually or emotionally]?
creatively -- music, thought-provoking reading, discussing art with someone, seeing unique jewelry or beads, seeing lovely photography. spiritually -- passionate worship music. like WHOA. being in a crowd that is passionately singing, focused on God/dess, is an experience unlike any other. The Christian rock concerts I've been to are way better than the secular ones, I gotta say -- the feel of the crowd is totally different. (I imagine that if other love-focused religions had rock groups they might have a similar feel). emotionally? hm, I guess anything that exemplifies love/connectedness, especially in the midst of opposition. Like people who have close relationships with people of another race in a place where that is taboo, or the flag march my old church used to have on MLK day, or the 'free hugs' campaign (makes me cry with joy every time I watch that video), or the cuddle party organization, or queer couples, or families with adopted children.

5. (from febrile_lune) Even with your amazing positive body-image, and what you do to promote more for yourself and others, is there ever any time when you don't feel good about your body, and in fact, feel badly?
not anymore! Isn't that amazing, isn't that awesome??? I never have 'bad body days', never feel self-conscious, never want to change something, never feel inferior OR superior to anyone else, never have even a moment of believing insults!!! When I think about it I'm truly amazed and filled with hope, because if it is possible for me it is possible for anyone. If all the women in the world could feel the way I do, imagine all the extra energy they'd have, imagine how that would turn the world on its ear! Recently I've gotten a small surge of insults on dA, and my reaction was joy -- I'm obviously making a difference since people feel the need to try to convert me back to believing in the false ideal. (haha, as IF!) I mean seriously, I write my body love poetry :D

6. (from febrile_lune) Have you ever doubted your love? Either love you've given or have received.
I don't think I've ever doubted love I've given... When I love, it fills my reality to the point that it is more real than anything I can physically sense. But I have definitely doubted love I have received, I have a problem with that. Partly because I tend to exaggerate it, to believe that it is greater than it is, and since I know I have this tendency but don't know when I'm doing it, I often doubt love received. Also, if for some reason I feel inferior to the person, or if they aren't very expressive, or if they don't seem to have a desire to connect with me, I doubt their love. I usually need a lot of initial reassurance, and if/when that amount has been reached, I'll feel confident of their love.

still workin' on the rest, will post when I get another set finished. ;-)
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