Belenen (belenen) wrote,

I wanna go to Gaylaxicon! want want want!

queer + sci-fi/fantasy = glee! OMFG, wanna go SOOOOOOOOOOO bad!!! Seriously, I'm so excited about this. SOMEBODY is going to go with me! I'll have to see who I can convince. Anyone want to fly into town for it? :D omg so exciting!

"Year in Review: What Was Good and Bad for Queers in Books, Films, Comics"
"The De-Gaying—and Re-Gaying—of Heroes"
The OUTer Film Festival
"The Effects of New Technologies on Literature"
"Queer Exploitation in Film"
"Lesbians in Red Shirts: Is the Lesbian Mortality Rate in SF/F/H Too High?"
"Lit vs. Tellie: Why Genre TV Lags So Far Behind Genre Literature in Portraying Queers"
"Literature as Activism"
"Bi-Sectionality: Crossing Genres in Writing "
"History of Queer SF/F Literature"

I'm sure I won't be able to go all four days, but I definitely want to go Friday for the film festival, if nothing else. ;-)

also: this project is so beautifully inspiring! Opening your heart & home to strangers! I can't wait to have a larger place so I can get involved.

and randomly: BPAL swapping.
Tags: linkage, queerness

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