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omg, tv post? grey's anatomy reaction!

Grey's Anatomy: HOLY CRAP what an episode. Just... WOW! I just finished it and I might just watch the whole damn thing again right after this post.

Izzie, I LOVE YOU!!! Everything that girl does is absolutely genuine, and she is hopeful in the midst of her pain and suffering. I adore adore adore that she saved the deer! (and I loved how they started playing Lily Allen when she decided to do it!) and I loved how she shut up that horrid nasty 'father' who wanted to crush his son's belief in magic and beauty. He made me so furious I wanted to punch him! Or maybe hang a large millstone around his neck and drown him in the depths of the sea, heh. I'd have wanted to tell him off much more rudely than Izzie did, but I think I would have ended up saying what she said (to protect my job). She said it well!

Callie... besides being really sexy, almost dirty hot, is searingly blunt! I'm really looking forward to more development of her character this season. I just wish she and Izzie would get over George and hook up. (this is my only foray into non-canon 'shipping, promise! (so far anyway)) I liked her messy angry reaction to all the crap with the residents not respecting her.

Christina never fails to be that seemingly-stoic broken person I used to be, and it wrenches my heart. My prediction: she and her smiley-guy intern end up together. He's besotted already!

Lexi is cutely ditzy but just a teeny bit annoying. She's too perfect. I hope they at least decorate her cheek with a fetching little smudge. Or maybe a whole gallon of mud, whatever. I think I'll end up liking her though.

What's up with the Meredith/Derek storyline? freaking break up already, grow up some, THEN get back together! Neither of them are very good at communicating their needs.

I've never watched a show that had so many characters I identified with so strongly, it's a little overwhelming! If you add Izzie + Callie with Christina history, you get me. also, this icon totally makes me smile whenever I watch it. and sometimes giggle!
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