Belenen (belenen) wrote,

poem -- "thirst of earth, carelessness of stars"


thirst of earth, carelessness of stars

send me a sign
scatter some darkness just for me,
blanket the sky and let me be enfolded
bring thunder, bring lightning,
bring the rain

dust wafts in my throat
my lips stick to my teeth,
my tongue to the roof of my mouth
fizz-pop! open, the slightest moisture teases my skin
lemons and limes scent the air,
beaded droplets coat tall clear glasses.
I watch, feel as others gulp and sigh, satisfied.
I swallow sand
and choke bitterly.

I tilt my head back, stare accusingly at the empty sky --
a sky selfishly devoid of presents or even promises.
The stars sparkle laughingly at me,
flaunting their nakedness.
Not for me will they don cloud-robes and lightning-jewelry.
Tags: georgia, poetry

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