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Noe Venable "Juniper" video / renewal -- muse returns, spirituality deepens

Mama oh mama if you only heard
the reasons for living, the freedom of words
the blooming balloon of a thought being born
safe in the branches of Juniper’s arms

...Juniper by Noe Venable...
Tell every bell to just wake up and ring
Tell this whole choir to just shut up and sing
Mama oh mama I’m holding your hand
In these glorious dreams in which you understand

I'm utterly in love with Noe Venable. *shiver* so much earnestness and love in her voice... and I loved "Juniper", felt the meaning behind it before I saw this video where she gives some background on it. Now I admire her even more.

9 out of 13 songs on her album "the world is bound by secret knots" have intense meaning to me. I want to hold each of them up like a jewel to the light so that you can be illuminated by the truth in them and share it with me, feel it with me, LIVE it with me. I haven't been this inspired by an artist since The Benjamin Gate, years ago... oh, I missed this. I feel like I'm being renewed.

The poem I posted a few weeks ago was the first I've written in at least 3 years. I feel inexplicably blessed by it -- I feel like my muse has returned to me. Perhaps she has forgiven me at last for putting her on display before evil people who stripped and beat her. Perhaps I have finally made my soul a place she would like to call home again.

I also feel like my spirituality is being renewed -- today in church I felt a connection with God/dess that I haven't felt in SO many years. Part of that is just the natural result of my searching, but I believe Noe's music helped unfold the mystery.

If you want more of her music, she offers many of her songs for free here: noevenable.com. Once I can narrow it down I will post my favorites from the album.

And it's not only Noe -- Orenda Fink, Jamie Blake, and Missy Higgins have been my lodestars also, recently. ♥ And Nea and Ava and Kat and Megan and Sara and... all you beautiful people. ♥

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kmiotutsie ══╣╠══
heey, a shoutout!! thanks!! i left a message for you today on your new number i THINK... text me, if you do the texting thanng ;-*
bel hearts firekat
belenen ══╣bel hearts firekat╠══
I haven't put texting on my phone yet but hope to tomorrow ;-)
kmiotutsie ══╣╠══
dooooo itttttt!!
brighid0704 ══╣╠══
I checked her out, and she's glorious. Thanks for making me aware.
lodestar -- noe venable
belenen ══╣lodestar -- noe venable╠══
yay! So glad to share the beauty ♥
jamie blake / no never again
acid_burns ══╣jamie blake / no never again╠══
She's beautiful ♥ I hear you. Jamie Blake and Missy Higgins equally are to me what Noe is to you. So, I get you. Completely.

What an amazing thing it is to have music in our lives.


lodestar -- noe venable
belenen ══╣lodestar -- noe venable╠══
Re: Beauty.
it IS so amazing ♥ and the feeling of unfolding is... inexpressibly wonderful ♥

btw, where did you first hear of Missy?
lorelei_sakti ══╣╠══
Thank you for posting this video! She's a wonderful musician.
lodestar -- noe venable
belenen ══╣lodestar -- noe venable╠══
I'm so glad you agree! ;-)
mourningdoveava ══╣╠══

I luuuuurv new music, especially good new music, so this felt like a little gift. Domo! I'm enjoying it immensely.

I am so glad the muse is back. I struggle with long periods where mine feels almost unbearably choked, and it's always such a welcome relief to find her again; I feel whole in a sense I don't, otherwise.


You know, you're a beautiful person yourself. (Actually, you should know this by now, but I thought I'd state it for the record anyway.) :)

lodestar -- noe venable
belenen ══╣lodestar -- noe venable╠══
YAYAY!!!! :D :D :D I'm so glad you like her music ♥ does 'domo' mean thanks? if so, you're welcome!

oh *deep sigh* me too, it's an amazing feeling ♥ I love that you understand my meaning!

:D thanks!

(what does 'Nankurunaisa' mean?)
on communication, social justice, intimacy, consent, friendship & other relationships, spirituality, gender, queerness, & dreams. Expect to find curse words, nudity, (occasionally explicit) talk of sex, and angry ranting, but NEVER slurs or sexually violent language. I use TW when I am aware of the need and on request.
Expect to find curse words, nudity, (occasionally explicit) talk of sex, and angry ranting, but NEVER slurs or sexually violent language. I use TW when I am aware of the need and on request.