Belenen (belenen) wrote,

dream (rattlesnake 'baaa's at me, bites my heel, I bite him back!)

I heard a 'baaa' from a shed, so I peeked inside but didn't see anything and started to walk away. Then I heard it again and looked in once more, and realized it was a rattlesnake making a SHEEP noise (snake in sheep's clothing?). I turned to flee (running/flying) but the snake was very fast and bit my heel. Not to be outdone, I performed a feat of amazing flexibility in bringing my mouth next to my heel and biting him right back! (luckily in dream-reality it took a few seconds to get the venom flowing, so he hadn't poisoned me yet) I bit him sideways in a way that forced his jaw open, and after I had freed my heel I pinched his top and bottom jaw together so he couldn't bite me, and considered what to do. I started walking toward the house with the intent to flush him down the toilet (!) when I woke up.

significant: Cobra is my totem, but I have never liked rattlesnakes. says they represent the passage of time... hmmm.
Tags: dreams, serpents

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