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thoughts on my identity post and 'lj idol' in general, and 3 selfportraits

Since I posted that loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong list of my self-labels and their meanings, I've become increasingly dissatisfied with it! I didn't mention anything about being a nudist, or about my belief in interconnectedness or my love of people (I kiiiinda did under the 'compassionate' heading, but not really), and I barely touched on my spirituality which leaves out soooooo much of who I am... argh. I didn't even mention curvygirls, which is a huge part of my life, or LJ itself, which practically IS my life. I suppose I proved to myself that words can't sum me up :-p What did you guys who know me well (and who made it through the whole thing, heh) think of it, as far as how it expressed me? I feel like it comes off clinical :-p ARGH! I have to at least add the nudity and curvygirls stuff, but I'm going to try to keep from turning it into a whole novel. This from the person who can't resist filling out profiles everywhere. At least I didn't put it all in my userinfo! haha.

LJ idol has been such an adventure already! There are 156 contestants (I pity the mods for having to work out a voting system on that) and nearly HALF of them posted their response to this week's topic ('my favorite childhood memory') in the FIRST DAY! Crazy. I thought all creative people were procrastinators, heh. And I am anxious to get mine done because 1) I want to read others' entries and I'm not letting myself until mine is written, and 2) I want to be read! and 3) I have a good idea of how I want to compose my entry.

BTW, do any of you compose entries in your head when you're not even at the computer? Often -- I'd say the majority of the time -- my posts have been written and re-written in my head before I ever sit to type. (I'm such an LJ addict. and perfectionist.)

My participation in this thing is odd 'cause I don't believe in one-on-one competition (as opposed to team competition), ESPECIALLY in the realm of art. I think the only way to really judge art is to judge how much of hirself the artist poured in, and there's no way to accurately measure that. So I'm trying to ignore the judging/voting aspect, but I want to stay in, so I still want alla y'all to vote for me, heh. *giggles* And there are so many amazing writers -- I have no idea how anyone would manage to vote. There were at LEAST 20 posts that I admired/enjoyed very much, and pretty much equally. I expect to be eliminated fairly early, but I plan to continue posting on the topics and voting.

(does that look grainy/oversharpened to you? we got a new monitor and everything looks different :-\)

sunlight and my eyes -- don't be fooled, I was having the hardest time keeping from squinting.

love how the light falls into my eyes and pools at the bottom of them.
Tags: photos, self-portraits, writing prompts

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