Belenen (belenen) wrote,

useless post: lj idol chatter, sicky computer complaints, and jewelry/photo blathering

damn! I was 5th in my tribe and 14th overall (out of 154!). I didn't expect to do more than scrape by -- you guys are awesome! I'm going to try to keep my lj idol chatter to a minimum since there is the possibility that it may go on for months, and it looks as though I may be in for a while (as long as you guys stay as amazingly supportive!). They're only eliminating 3 per week for now, so unless they change it, this will last for nearly a YEAR. crazy.

*deep sigh* I finally caught up on the entries in LJ idol (though there will likely be a ton more before voting starts on Friday). This week's topic is DRAINING to read! I really really hope next week is both positive and allowing for wide interpretation.

My computer is sick with spyware. :-( I suppose I should be grateful that this is the first time Antec has gotten sick -- and he's over four years old, so in computer years he's like 140. (Ben's helped him out with regular doses of fresh harddrives, sticks of nutritious RAM, and the occasional DVD drive replacement, so he's a young 140-year-old) Still, it feels very wrong. I see my computer as an actual place in which I go to read and write and create, so I am pretty upset that I can't set my desktop wallpaper. It's like someone came into my bedroom and splattered orange paint all over the place, except that I'm less attached to my bedroom. UGH.

usually when I write a post as saying-nothing as this one I don't post it. I don't know why I'm posting this one. loneliness maybe. But I'll hide most of it under a cut so it doesn't annoy me every time I look at my journal.

I took a billion photos of those earrings that took my blood, sweat, and tears (quite literally, as I accidentally stabbed myself with wire while making them), but I'm waiting to upload them because I'm paranoid about my camera somehow getting infected. (I'm gonna get a card reader anyway because the leads take forever) I really love the earrings though, and they have a spiritual significance to me that I have yet to figure out. Something about the sacrifice (3 hours of work and 24 hours of numbness/pain/tingling) put into them gave them extra meaning. Also, the fact that they drew blood (which has only happened maybe twice in my 5+ years of beadweaving) and are blood-red with drops on the ends seems... oddly fitting.
Tags: jewelry, writing prompts

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