Belenen (belenen) wrote,

vote for me at LJ idol! week 2 -- "what terrifies me"

(voting ends Monday, Nov 19th, 1pm EST)
vote for me at LJ idol!

(I'm in tribe #3 now (dammit) so you'll have to scroll down to the last poll)

if you want to vote for more people, here's my list of recommendations ? ! ? ? ! ! ! ! ! ! ★! ! ! no particular order.

when it narrows down some I may start listing reasons... I just have too many favorites at this point.

I voted for 20 in my own tribe. I can afford it now, I think, but later on will I vote as honestly or will I only vote for the ones who aren't threatening? no idea.

p.s. hey, did I start the whole listing-your-recommendations my flist seems to be doing? if so, I am SUPER COOL. XD
Tags: writing prompts

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