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regent's test / thrifty fashions

Took the Regent's Test today -- I had been really stressing out about it for no good reason, so I'm glad it's over. I prayed about it beforehand, and it was actually fun; I had an interesting topic that I think I handled very well. I wrote about how "Television has turned America into a nation of watchers, not doers" -- and while writing realized ways tv affects people -- some that I hadn't thought of before. I want that essay back. I don't know if they return them or not, but if not I'll have to write that again. It was awesome.

Also went to this thrifty-shopping fashion show they had at Liberty, and got these AWESOME black pants that shimmer silver and a silky red & black top that will go awesomely with my red & black choker --

I think that is my favorite of the jewelry I have made. It's so simple, but still so very me.

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