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vote for me at LJ idol! week 5 -- "sexual ethics"

If you liked my post on the depth of non/sexual relationships, please vote for me!

vote for me at LJ idol!

(I'm in tribe #4 so you'll have to scroll down to the last poll)
(voting ends Monday December 10th at 1pm EST)

I may get eliminated this week because they moved me up to the top tribe AGAIN. I don't get why they put me there since I'm always tied with five people who are one tribe down. Ugh. I'm at the very bottom right now.

http://unsold-capacity.livejournal.com/240357.html !
http://imafarmgirl.livejournal.com/334805.html !
http://beldar.livejournal.com/305893.html !
http://a-singularity.livejournal.com/108140.html !
http://bleuunicorn.livejournal.com/141346.html !
http://naamaire.livejournal.com/569825.html !
http://libra-dragon.livejournal.com/368441.html ! !
http://browneyedgirl65.livejournal.com/361188.html ! !
http://suesniffsglue.livejournal.com/346812.html !
http://superhappytime.livejournal.com/13461.html !
http://community.livejournal.com/cheapdestiny/2754.html !
http://celticboy.livejournal.com/132107.html !
http://flisleshnitz.livejournal.com/243808.html !
http://elva-undine.livejournal.com/38435.html !
http://n-decisive.livejournal.com/183352.html ! ! !
http://sideshowbennie.livejournal.com/41857.html !
http://controlld-chaos.livejournal.com/61734.html !
http://shannihilation.livejournal.com/1467916.html !
http://genesisdesire.livejournal.com/141780.html !
http://walkertxkitty.livejournal.com/468330.html !
http://tygress.livejournal.com/269502.html !
http://ambwilson.livejournal.com/39344.html !
http://sircaliban.livejournal.com/367006.html !
http://anchasta.livejournal.com/383865.html !
http://sushimustwrite.livejournal.com/434508.html !
http://twystedpixie.livejournal.com/594676.html !

I think also... it didn't help that mine doesn't tie in to the topic very neatly. I kinda wish I had written something else, but since this was so much on my mind and got me writing when my fingers felt paralyzed, I just had to go with it. :-\ If I make it to next week, hopefully I'll find words that fit better.


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browneyedgirl65 ══╣╠══
Hey, thanks for the recommendation! :-)
belenen ══╣writing╠══
no prob! I voted for you even when I was sure I was going to lose this round, 'cause you're just that awesome. ;-)
browneyedgirl65 ══╣╠══
Wow, thanks! I enjoyed your entry as well, although I didn't have the time to comment on it :-P Sometimes it's all I can do to read all of the entries.

But I liked your take on it, it was a refreshing difference. I always like seeing someone thinking out of the box. Would have liked more detail, a little more fleshing out (no pun intended). Anyway, you got my vote this round, too! Hopefully we'll both make it thru!
kindapoetry ══╣╠══
*blush* aww, thanks!

and i enjoyed what you wrote, i thought it fit fine. i think the whole idea is to take the topics and make them your own.
belenen ══╣writing╠══
Well you deserve it!

thank you! ;-)
n_decisive ══╣╠══
Thank you for the mention here. :)
belenen ══╣writing╠══
but of course ;-)
Swedish Sushi
roina_arwen ══╣Swedish Sushi╠══
FWIW, you're doing tons better than I am - I think I'm second from the bottom, I've only got 31 votes right now, and you're well up at 48. *sigh*

I'm not quite sure why I got put in the big pond, I'm still such a little fish!
belenen ══╣writing╠══
I try to only vote for the entries that really struck a chord with me and this week your entry didn't, but I want you to stay ('cause I have been enjoying your entries!) so I added a vote for ya. ;-)
browneyedgirl65 ══╣╠══
Actually, ditto...
sircaliban ══╣╠══
thanks for the recommendation.

I'm about to vote for tribe 4 and I'm sure I'll put in a vote for you.
on communication, social justice, intimacy, consent, friendship & other relationships, spirituality, gender, queerness, & dreams. Expect to find curse words, nudity, (occasionally explicit) talk of sex, and angry ranting, but NEVER slurs or sexually violent language. I use TW when I am aware of the need and on request.
Expect to find curse words, nudity, (occasionally explicit) talk of sex, and angry ranting, but NEVER slurs or sexually violent language. I use TW when I am aware of the need and on request.