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pushed past communication block / lj friends whom I have dreamed of.

wow. I got WAY behind in my commenting lately. I finally got caught up with most of it today, except for the screened-comment posts. Those comments mean SO MUCH to me, so I really hope you don't feel ignored by me not commenting back -- there's just so much emotion there I am not sure I'll be able to. But every comment meant a lot to me ♥ thank you. You give me strength when I need it most. I'm really amazed at the amount of love and understanding you've given. *hugs kisses cuddles*

I feel like I've pushed past a block; I've actually been communicating! with responding to comments and IMing. (I still have a bunch of emails to respond too though, I don't know what it is about email but I always procrastinate!) SabR emailed me last week ♥ and then talked with me, and a few days ago I talked with Kazi for the first time in a long time. There's still a lot of distance there, but communication is open again which is really wonderful. And then today I had the serendipity to check my email at the exact moment that Meliae was on, and we chatted for a while, a strange combination of text chat and soundless video (because I couldn't find my mic). That was really sweet ♥ no one has ever been able to read me like she does! It takes me aback every time (and makes me wonder if that is how other people feel when I read them). I hate that she lives an ocean away, but I'm glad we're back in contact.

Lately I was thinking about all the LJ friends I've dreamed of:

Jania (dreamed she was friends with Tila Tequila and didn't remember me)
Angie (
Sara (
Vee (
Nea (have the strong impression that I did but can't remember! I think I told you about it -- can you remind me?)
Megan (came to visit me, we discovered a second bedroom in our house) (also a different dream that I forgot :-()
Dee (came to visit me, we discovered a second bedroom in our house)
Aubrey (
Kevloid (
Meliae (have the strong impression that I did but can't remember!)

and of course Ben and Hannah and Kat have appeared in my dreams, and several people who used to be lj-friends but aren't now. If I mentioned dreaming about you but I didn't list you here please remind me! I like to keep track. ;-)

If you've ever dreamed of me, tell me about it here! :D
Tags: dreams, kazi, lj friends, meliae, sabr

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