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dream (meet mute, nameless, loving stranger, recognize his mis-matched eyes, fall in love)

I was at a gathering of some kind, looking at art on the wall as we waited for the speaker to arrive. A guy came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me -- at first I thought it was Ben, but when I turned to smile at him I realized it wasn't. I pushed him off and demanded to know who he was, but he just smiled at me and said nothing. I asked a few more times but he still said nothing and I got infuriated, shoved him down on the ground and stood on his chest, demanding that he tell me his name. He still just smiled (not in a condescending or sneery way, but with seeming affection) and eventually I gave up and just walked off.

I took a seat at a table along with everyone else, and began listening to the speaker. I happened to glance to my left and saw the same guy sitting next to me, watching me, and I felt love coming from him so I didn't get mad or feel threatened. I turned my attention to the speaker, ignoring him, but a few minutes later I glanced at him again and he was still smiling at me. For the first time I looked into his eyes and saw that he had one brown eye (right) and one blue eye (left), and I felt a deep sense of recognition, and swiftly following it a feeling of love so intense that I couldn't speak. I wanted to tell him that I loved him but I couldn't get out more than "I..." He opened his arms to me and I hugged him tightly, a hug that lasted a long time.
Tags: dreams, dreams more real than waking

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