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Why the 'ewwwww' icon? I've been sick the past couple of days *coughs, wipes eyes, sneezes, blows nose* and Ben has been taking care of me ♥ I've always had a very strong constitution and rarely get sick -- when I do I am miiiiiiiserable and I hate everything. I'm starting to get better now, thanks to a lot of sleep, water, and love. It really means a lot to me that Ben has been extra sweet, because I revert to a four-year-old when sick and get lonely and cry if I don't get taken care of (luckily it only happens about once a year), and because it is such a marked change in him. I didn't have to ask him to be extra kind; he just was! I called him at work to ask him to get me some soup on his way home and he cheerfully agreed, and said, "don't worry, I'll take care of you." *melts* And he cuddled me without me asking, and offered to go out especially to get me something, and genuinely showed concern every now and then (he used to forget if we weren't actually talking about it). And he went way out of his way to get me a chai ♥ ♥ ♥

I shipped out very-belated Christmas presents on Monday but un-cleverly didn't put my name on them (only my legal name on the outside) so if you get a package from GA, it's me! ;-) It is a 2008 goal of mine to prepare further in advance and FOR REAL get them shipped by December 13th. Also, if you didn't get anything, it's not because I don't love you. It is probably because #1) I didn't have ideas and you didn't help! or #2) I have limited funds. If I was super-wealthy, all of my LJ friends would get something... but I'm not! And yes, I know I don't need to explain, but I want to, because it is important to me that you know you are important to me and I didn't skip you for lack of love. There are at least three of you that I reeeeeally wanted to get gifts but didn't. And next year hopefully I will know you better or have stalked down your wishlists AND be fabulously rich. ;-)

This is my tenth post in a week! That's what you get for telling me to post whenever I feel like it. and I'm liking it. I'm still restraining myself a bit because I want to try and keep up with comments better, but it feels good to let flow more... and I have so many posts that I've held back over time because #1) I didn't feel inspired enough to complete them or #2) I wanted to wait and make sure that each post got attention or #3) I didn't want to annoy/bore any of my flist. Lately I have inspiration, don't feel the need to nurture each post so much, and have a sudden freedom from worrying that I will annoy/bore you. :D

While I'm here, vote please?
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