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Jane from Michigan

Ellen had her friend Jane come visit from Michigan...

Jane has MS, and is a physical therapist/nutritionist. She introduced me to raw-egg smoothies and massage. I don't want to forget her, because she was just one of the most charming, serving people I've ever met. She asked me to massage her several times (because the MS can be painful and massage helps) so now I know a bit more about that.

Several times when I massaged her I absorbed some of the energy of her disease; I felt dizzy and hot and I was unable to stand, almost passing out the first time. I was prepared for it to happen the second time, but it still made me lay down on the floor for ten minutes with my ears buzzing so much I couldn't hear, much less move. I know that was my spirit reacting to hers -- for such a frail-looking woman, she is powerful. Just brushing with her pain laid me out. I'm very impressed.

And she knew so little of spiritual things, 'cause her church is xtremely conservative, yet she was so open-minded and wanting to learn! She ministered to everyone she met while she was here -- talking about nutrition to Ellen and John's students, doing foot reflexology for some friend of Ellen's, massaging John and Ellen each several times, teaching me how to make different "raw foods." She suffers so much, and she gives unceasingly, with joy! What a glowing spirit she is.
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