Belenen (belenen) wrote,

dreams (repeats: being hunted / I sway an evil guy to not kill children, by asking)

I've been having REPEAT dreams lately, which is very frustrating to me. It makes me feel stagnant and drained. In almost all of these, I am being hunted in some way... one where people were shooting at me (Angelina was in that one? she was trying to save me but she couldn't, it was something only I could handle), one where someone was trying to rape me (but I got away when I got outside and started flying, then I had to come back and videotape him trying to get another girl so that he would go to jail), and one where I (as a child) and a bunch of others were going to be executed just because a guy liked executing children.

The previous time I had that last dream, I and all of the other children were in a room with a lot of beading supplies, making beaded items. Ben and I knew of a magical way to kill him off -- by finding a red bead made of a certain material. Guards were watching us at all times so we had to be very stealthy about pocketing it. This time I found the beads made of that material, but I took a pastel-toned one instead, and slipped it into the pocket of Ben's jacket (which I was wearing) so that he would have it to use when we got into the room. But I was herded off with the other children and Ben stayed behind because they didn't call him in, and I still had the jacket and bead. The guards asked me if Ben had given me a purple bead, and I said no, hoping they wouldn't ask any other questions because I can't lie convincingly. They were relieved (and didn't search me?) which made me think that the rules had changed this time and maybe I needed a color that fit my powers? Then I told myself to stop thinking that way because I needed to believe in the power that I had for the pink bead to work. We all sat down and the evil guy began with a child on the other side of the room, criticizing him. Just before he sentenced him (pausing for effect) I said "Please let him live" and the evil guy paused, shocked that anyone would speak up. I repeated myself and someone else chimed in, and then another, until the whole room (including all the adult judges) was begging for his life. Our combined energy swayed him, and he let the child live. This process was repeated with the next child, and so on until I woke up.
Tags: dreams

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