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dream (I forget about a date with an amazing girl) / Paul Rudd & movies

last night I dreamed I met this amazing girl and we made plans for a date. She came up to me the morning of and reminded me that we had a date at 8pm, and I was like, "oh yeah! of course I'll be there!" ...and then I forgot. What is WRONG with me? Good lord. I can only meet girls who like me in dreams and then I flake on them. *rolls eyes*

in other news I recently fell in LOVE with Paul Rudd after seeing him in "I Could Never Be Your Woman." I've always liked him (since "Clueless" way back in '95) but it took this movie to really send me head over heels. and I tumbled even more after learning that he had to lose 25 pounds for the role! Which means he is usually thicker than Hollywood likes. He didn't look any different to me, but then I'm not Hollywood, am I. I guess they had to make him 'match' Pfeiffer better. Because people only get with people of similar size? FUCK HOLLYWOOD! I'm in a weird mood. back to the movie -- I loved the little girl's parodies, especially the one of Britney, haha! "Oops, I got a career / by shakin' my rear / and making guys leer / oh baby, baby"** Michelle Pfeiffer was okay, but I didn't like her character much. I tend to get annoyed with self-hate in movies.

Then I went out and saw "Over Her Dead Body" all by myself tonight (*pout* lonely *sadface*) which was only okay. I didn't think Paul fit in that role very well. But I enjoyed watching him all the same. SO. BEAUTIFUL. He has officially replaced Ryan Phillippe and Lee Pace as my favorite actor. There's just something about him that is so genuine. and of course I've always swooned over green eyes. But it's his smile that really gets me. He joins Angelina as being one of those people that if they smile, I have to smile in response. *dreamy sigh*

those EYES! *dies* I tried to find a photo of him really smiling (he has this adorable sideways grin) but no luck. :-p

simultaneously sexy and hilarious! *giggles*

**disclaimer: I have nothing but sympathy for Britney, since she has been just a pawn in a horrible game, but I still find the irony amusing. ;-)
Tags: dreams, films / shows

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