Belenen (belenen) wrote,

dream (cobra bites Nimajn and me, we keep it as a pet, m-bio-sib nearly drowns it, I rescue it)

I dreamed that I woke up to a cobra in the bed! It bit Nimajn and then me. I was really worried and said we needed to go to the hospital but Nimajn said no, this kind is not deadly on the first bite, but only on the second or third. So I said that he needed to kill it with his axe, chop off it's head, but he said no, we can just keep it in a safe place. We put it in an aquarium with two levels, and duct-taped the wire mesh top on (with my purple duct tape). Suddenly I was very excited to have a pet cobra, had no more fear and felt so much love for it! Then I walked out of the room for something and when I came back in, my male bio-sibling had put the cobra in a four-level aquarium with no openings between levels, and put the cobra in the bottom level which was filled with water. The poor cobra had to poke his nose into the half-centimeter of air between the bottom level and the second level (which for some reason had a miniature manatee). I went over and looked at the cobra, and he smiled at me (impossible, but not in my head! it was more adorable than a kitten) and I felt this magical connection between us and knew it wouldn't bite me again. I suddenly got very angry that male bio-sib would do that to my cobra, and I dismantled the aquarium and started to re-build it. Then I woke.

I'm rather baffled by this one, considering that the Cobra is possibly my strongest spirit shape.
Tags: cobra spirit, dreams, dreams more real than waking, serpents

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