Belenen (belenen) wrote,

Art Sharing #7: lostmyband & plangdon (traditional media painting)

Jack Morefield & plangdon

Jack Morefield, on dA as lostmyband, creates amazing portraits and landscapes using clearly-divided lines of color rather than the usual line and shade -- kinda impressionistic, but clearer. I love his work because he seems to paint the energy of a thing rather than simply the form of it. To me, that shows the interconnectedness of all things. ♥ I've only put in three of his works here, but do check out his gallery at the link above -- it's amazing.

As for plangdon, I love the sweet mood, lovely shapes, and soft light with occasional intense color. I didn't get to see much of hir work, but 'New Life' in particular stands out in my mind as a truly fantastic work -- the kind you never get tired of looking at.

Jack Morefield aka lostmyband:



Bishop Lake

(I found these on plangdon's account on dA, which has since been deleted, so I'm not sure of the artist's true name. If you know, do tell!)



New Life
Tags: art, art -- painting (traditional), artistic inspiration sharing, clothesfree

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