Belenen (belenen) wrote,

jewelry photos -- two necklaces and two earring sets / selfportraits in my jewelry

I realized I have a ton of jewelry photos I haven't shared from as far back as last August, so here goes. I so miss that heat!

I call this the 'Jolie' design -- bellerisa ordered it in darkrainbow.

you can see the light shining in one of the purple drops here.

I was so late making her Jolie that I decided to send her a free 'Sara' in darkrainbow, which was her second choice.

I really like how the earrings for this one turned out.

I love these! I made them to match the shirt I'm wearing in these pictures, which you can't see of course.


*swish more*

and the blood earrings which took so much work and caused me so much pain!

they look so much more beautiful in person

little worlds <3

oooh, ahh...

I'm in love with them. I took many more than this.


*beams* this was in summer, which is why it's so beautiful and I look so happy. I miss the heat!

I love how like my little-kid self I look here


haunted (look at my fantastic silver hairs!)

lovely green!

eye sea ewe

I don't know why I like this one

this one looks somehow fairy-tale-ish to me

somehow this coffeeshop photo didn't turn out horridly yellow! yay!

coy (sometimes I wear makeup! omg!)

wan smile


laughing at myself


I'm always up for a new commission, so check out the different designs and let me know if you want to order something!
Tags: art -- jewelry, jewelry, photos, self-portraits

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