Belenen (belenen) wrote,

voted for Ron Paul!

I voted today! I've only voted in major elections before so I'm rather pleased with myself. And grateful to Megan, without whom I surely would have forgotten!

Poll #1133676 voting

if you're in the States, did you vote?


if you did, who for?

I voted for Ron Paul, a Libertarian running under the Republican ticket -- I can't describe how excited I'd be to have him for president. Pro-gay-marriage, anti-socialized-medicine, pro-free-trade, anti-income tax (, pro-states-rights -- pro-freedom, yay! I'd love to have a woman or minority president, but so far none of them share my ideals. It's really amazing to hear someone who has a chance to be president speak out for liberty like this!

just to head off any possible blahblah, please comment only to me, not to other commenters. Thanks!

edit: going to bed now so I am screening all comments so that there are no flame wars as I sleep! Not that I don't trust you guys to keep your opinions to yourselves, haha. ;-)

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