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valentine's day, Friendship month & day, International Woman's Day

I've haven't liked Valentine's Day since elementary school (back then it was SO fun! once a boy who I thought hated me gave me this giant heart-shaped box of candy conversation hearts and I realized that my aunt was right -- boys do torment the girls they like!). Not because of the falseness or commercialism or exclusion-of-singles that most dislike it for, but because of the overwhelming amount of cynicism that comes out! Even some of my usually-so-idealistic-and-cheerful friends get sour on V-day. And I've never been close to anyone who liked it, so it doesn't seem like a holiday to me. Still, if it was all violet and stars instead of pink and hearts, I would obsess over it and count down the days and go out shopping every year on February 15th! Sadly, there is no such holiday (Halloween always mixes in orange, ugh, and usually skulls or pumpkins).

So to change the subject (and hopefully bring some cheer) did you know that February is International Friendship Month? I also discovered that the first Sunday in August is World Friendship Day! so mark your calendars ;-)

Oh yeah, and next month, the 8th is International Woman's Day which I was hoping to do a big celebration for, but I think it'll have to wait until I've saved up more money.

I've had a crazy-busy and interesting week but for some reason have felt blocked and haven't written. *frustration* Hopefully this silly little post will uncork me.
Tags: angelina, linkage

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