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music sharing: Shiny Toy Guns, Silversun Pickups, Stroke 9, Lily Allen

22 of my five-star favorite songs on the 22nd of each month ;-) A five-star song is one that has strong melodic pull as well as significant lyrical meaning to me -- all of these are very important to me. In sharing them I'm sharing some of my soul... I'm trusting you to listen and sense it. ♥

I share randomly based on what I've been listening to lately. In this post: Shiny Toy Guns, Silversun Pickups, Stroke 9, and Lily Allen. I like to share a mix from an artist's albums, but these four happen to have one thing in common: I've only heard one album from each, so no multi-year samples.

I discovered Shiny Toy Guns thanks to the L Word (Le Disko in Shane's drugged-up driving scene) and loved their sound immediately, but I truly fell for them when I heard "Stripped." That song absolutely arrests me every time I hear it -- it is so the song of my heart. Shiny Toy Guns gives me the closest feeling I've found to the passion and life that The Benjamin Gate gave me back in the day. There is something spiritually powerful about them. Both Shiny Toy Guns and Silversun Pickups are 3 guys and a girl, with vocals shared between a guy and a girl. I love the balance and variety of that! I also love that all vocalists in the two groups also play instruments. Silversun Pickups have a similar intensity and a lyrical complexity that just floors me. They make me want to do critical analysis on them -- dissect the metaphors and really plunge into it (but that's no fun unless you have someone to argue with or grade you!). As for Stroke 9, I've had their Nasty Little Thoughts since I was in high school and only recently started listening to it again. Again with the lyrical complexity! *sigh* And they give off this 'macho' vibe, yet their lyrics show so much vulnerability. And I love the vocalist's style. Last but not least, Lily Allen absolutely cracks me up with her sweetly poppy sound and biting lyrics -- and impresses me with her revolutionary ideas. (like the shocking concept that women have curves and that's a good thing! or the equally horrific idea that a person should wear what expresses them rather than what 'fashion' dictates, and that formal education isn't necessary for a thinking person to learn.) I adore her as a person -- deliberately open and honest with the world, self-made, following her dreams and living for the moment. But I love her music because it makes me laugh and dance around ;-)

Belenen's favorites -- February 2008 mix

^^^click pic to download zip of all songs^^^
(I didn't upload individually; the other links are only samples)

the links with ** afterwards have full song downloads -- most are 30 second samples.

Shiny Toy Guns

Stripped -- Shiny Toy Guns
come with me
into the trees
we'll lay on the grass
and let the hours pass
take my hand
come back to the land
let's get away
just for one day

let me see you
stripped down to the bone
let me hear you
speaking just for me

let me hear you
make decisions
without your television

has nothing on this
you're breathing in fumes
I taste when we kiss
take my hand
come back to the land
where everything's ours
for a few hours


Rainy Monday -- Shiny Toy Guns
But you left this feeling
Here inside me
One that never fails to find me...

On a rainy Monday
...a feeling inside me
Like the days of summer

On a rainy Monday
..I feel it inside me
In the hopes of one day

But you left this feeling here inside me
The battle in my mind still fights me
I can see that you're not beside me
But I still feel you shine inside of me


You Are the One -- Shiny Toy Guns
You are the one
You'll never be alone again
You're more than in my head – you're more

You so believe your own lies
On my skin your fingers
Runaway until the last time
We're gonna lose forever

When you try – don't try to say you won't
Try to crawl into my head
When you cry – cause it's all built up inside
Your tears already said – already said


Don't Cry Out -- Shiny Toy Guns
I don't get you . .
I can't forget what you've forgotten
all along
I've never been so alone

don't cry out
cease fire

I was pretending
Your secret kiss of confidence
Was my escape
The perfect game to play...

Your fascination
With naked walls of silk and skin
With no conditions
I needed you to notice....
That’s all I wanted


Le Disko -- Shiny Toy Guns
We’re the dreams you're believing
Crawling up the walls
Running down your face
Razor sharp, razor clean
Feel the weapon's sensation
On your back...
With loaded guns

Now hold onto me pretty baby
If you want to fly
I’m gonna melt the fever sugar
Rolling back your eyes

We're gonna ride the race cars
We’re gonna dance on fire
We’re the girls Le Disko
Supersonic overdrive

So what's it gonna take,
Silver shadow believer?
Spock rocker with your dirty eyes
It’s a chance gonna move
Gonna fuck up your ego
Silly boy gonna make you cry

If what they say is true...
You’re a boy - and I'm a girl
I will never fall in love with you


Shaken -- Shiny Toy Guns
Running in circles
chasing pain
of yesterday
shaken... fearful
because I've come
back for what is trouble

I will wait it out
I will wait it out
I will wait it out
I will not be shaken

didn’t notice it right away
didn’t notice it until it was too late
I’m gonna change my desire
for your all consuming fire
didn’t wanna cry out at night
didn’t wanna stop at mid flight
I didn't plan for the fall
when I was running from it all...

Have I no evil
Citizen Cain
Slowed-- my desperate running


Chemistry of a Car Crash -- Shiny Toy Guns
You’re waking up
A part of me I’ve never known
And I’ve never felt
So invincible

What took you so far away?
Lost for tonight again
That’s what you wanted
Your arms to your side again

Just take away the words I say
Cause I know that you don’t feel the same
Just go and say what’s in your head
And I won’t try to stop you

You hold the rights I’ll never own
And I’ve never felt so alien
Don’t tear us apart again
What is the use of it

Well okay it’s nothing
It’s all chemistry of a car crash


Silversun Pickups

Rusted Wheel -- Silversun Pickups
So you can’t hold a star in your hand though
at least you can hold on to another plan

rusted wheel planted still

i can tell it's summer from the
size of the bugs that fly through my window
flying through my window

i can tell it's winter from the
size of the lump in my throat
got a lump in my throat

and it feels just like the ground
and trapped in another way
just still in the ground

so you can't hold a star in your hand though
at least you can move on to that better plan

rusted wheel planted still
rusted wheel can't move on...


Future Foe Scenarios -- Silversun Pickups
The things we laid do not amount to much
made of abandoned wood, loose stones and such
this revolution baby
proves who you work for lately

release the castaways who run amok
from self appointed winds which blow and such
when present tense gets strangled in the mire
made of our cozy decomposing wires

who do you work for baby
and does it work for you, lately?

but when the night is over and the walls start burning
when fire starts to matter and the clock is churning
cliches and other chatter keeps our minds from learning
-- it's alright

the things we laid do not amount to much
made up of thought balloons and cotton swabs
when present tense gets strangled in the woes
made of our future foe scenarios

this revolution baby
proves who you work for lately
who do you work for baby
and does it work for you, lately?

but when the night is over and the walls keep linking
when fire starts to matter and the clock keeps sinking
cliches and other chatter keeps our minds from thinking
our minds keep thinking -- it's alright

that's when it turned on me
a motorcade of 'meant to be's’
parades of beauty queens
where soft entwines make kindling
these many detailed things
like broken nails and plastic rings
will win by keeping me
from speaking to my new darling
and there's no way to know
our future foe scenarios
that's when it turned on me
where bobby pins held angel wings

-- it's alright


Well Thought Out Twinkles -- Silversun Pickups
What was that scar situated from afar
what was that light integrated in your mind
what have you done? it's too early for everyone
wait for that sign spilling over and passed in time

come join in the last hurrah with open sores and open jaw
find one last flaw and keep it safe and free from harm
what have you done? it's too early for everyone
so smile, go inside, come to see there is no sign

now here we are revisiting
a time a place a whole industry well we
we promise we'll be leaving soon
we share apocalyptic views
how comforting that we feel it too
who are we to promise we'll be leaving shortly


Common Reactor -- Silversun Pickups
let’s break the window panes
and separate the walls from all the nails
cuz maybe if we’re loud we’ll stay alive
while everybody wants to join the fight
but now it’s too late

but even if we barricade the door and seal it with the
blood found on the floor
we’re always going to cross the finish line
while everybody wants to run and hide
but now it’s too late


Three Seed -- Silversun Pickups
there’s the line that is leading clearly feeding all
the things I don’t believe in but I’ll step in once again
cut in line to get closer to the source of all the
things I’ll never belong to
step it up and sign right in again

cool like the ocean
burned like a summer home
fooled by the notion
that the sums don't add up at all


Lazy Eye -- Silversun Pickups
I've been waiting
I've been waiting for this moment all my life
but it's not quite right

and this 'real'
it's impossible if possible
at who's blind word
so clear but so unheard

to appear sad
with the same 'ol decent lazy eye
fixed to rest on you
aim free and so untrue

everyone's so intimately rearranged
everyone can focus clearly with such shine

lost and loaded
still the same 'ol decent lazy eye
straight through your gaze
that's why i said i relate
i said we relate
it's so fun to relate

it's the room the sun and the sky
it's the room the sun and the sky

I've been waiting
I've been waiting for this moment...


Stroke 9

Tear Me In Two -- Stroke 9
I know it's hard please try to coax me
Try to elevate me to the level of choice
A scarlet sky, a silver moon is a veil before my eyes
How can she be so in tune

Tear me in two
And bore a little hole
That I can see right through
Your diversions, my digression
Take me apart
Suck my blood until you stop my heart
You encumber my progression

And then you save me

I think of all the time we've wasted
I think of all our time apart
Your scathing tongue is not the one
That I need anymore


Down -- Stroke 9**
Soul to soul and skin to skin we burn
And the silence won't subside

My shoulder to your face is so warm
Dim light from moon outlines our form
You're sinewy and shiftless and so forlorn
Between here and there and everywhere you're torn

Carving out a piece for me, saving three for you
Squeeze me tight that's all
Waiting... waiting for you

To call out my name, speak to me
And say that it's alright to be on the wrong track
Call out my name, speak to me
And say that it's alright to be on the wrong track

There's a warm breeze in the city tonight
Soft light makes every sad sight seem alright
And I'm spinning around and we're holding tight
Soul to soul and face to face we turn...


Are You In This? -- Stroke 9
Don't say you're the one who always tries

And don't say...
Really are you in this
'cause I can feel you pulling away
Not to mention all the things you'd never say


Tail Of The Sun -- Stroke 9
This is the summer that'll never come
It's like someone's holding on to the tail of the sun...
I can't holdout, I don't care about offending
The world's descending...

This is the way it should be
I've never had the propensity to work, breed and die
I prefer to spend mine on the fly
The be'ers got to be and the flee'ers got to flee
But as for me, well...don't worry about me

It seems like today I'm looking back
Well maybe tomorrow I'll see further
Than my little head allows me to
I'll be cruising then I'll crack
Oh something better happen to these feelings
That I'm going through


Little Black Backpack -- Stroke 9
I know it, it's a shame
A shame I can't show it
And I see it, I can see it now
But I'm so far below it

Don't wanna
Don't wanna talk about it
I say why not?
Don't wanna think about it

I feel you, yes I can
What about that don't you understand?
I sense you, it's something sensual
But it's less than I planned

You're trying to find a reason for the way you feel tonight
Your mind is lined with layers of lead
Have you heard one thing that I've said?


Lily Allen

Take What You Take -- Lily Allen
What the fuck do you know?
Just cos you're old you think you're wise,
But who the hell are you though,
I didn't even ask for your advice
You wanna keep your mouth shut,
You wanna take your thoughts elsewhere,
Cos you're doing in my nut,
And do you think I care?

Say what you say,
Do what you do
Feel what you feel,
As long as it's real.
I said take what you take
And give what you give
Just be what you want,
Just as long as it's real.


Littlest Things -- Lily Allen
Sometimes I find myself sitting back and reminiscing
Especially when I have to watch other people kissing
And I remember when you started calling me your Mrs
All the play fighting
All the flirtatious disses
I’d tell you sad stories about my childhood
I dunno why I trusted you but I knew that I could
We’d spend the whole weekend
Lying in our own dirt
I was just so happy
In your boxers and your t-shirt

Dreams, dreams of when we had just started things
Dreams of you and me
It seems, it seems
That I can’t shake those memories
I wonder if you have the same dreams too


Shame For You -- Lily Allen
I've been thinking that you've crossed the line,
if you disagree well that will be just fine,
cos you waste my time and waste my money
and you're not too cool and you're not so funny!
Spreading your seed all over the town
getting too greedy and messing around:
Oh my gosh you must be joking me
if you think that you'll be poking me.

Don't take me on no, no
Don't take me on no, no
Don't take me ooon
Shattered the lie but you think I don't already know,
Don't try to deny cos my fuse is ready to blow
Its your turn to learn I think that you know where to go
It's a shame, shame, shame for you

Please don't come around and knock on my door
cos I don't want to have to pick you up off the floor,
when you ask if we can still be lovers,
I'll have to introduce my brothers,
Think that they could teach you a lesson or two,
By the time they've finished you'll be black and blue
You'll be crying like a baby,
A sea of tears -- they'll call the navy in.


Everything's Just Wonderful -- Lily Allen
Do you think, everything, everyone, is goin' mental?
It seems to me we're spiraling out of control and it's inevitable
And don't you think, this time is yours, this time is mine, it's temperamental
It seems to me, we're on all fours, crawlin' on our knees someone help us please.

If everyone and something else, something new, look what we got here,
And don't you feel, it's all the same, some sick game and it's so insincere
I wish I could change the ways of the world, make it a nice place
Until that day, I guess we stay, doin' what we do, screwin' who we screw

Why can't I sleep at night? Don't say it's gonna be alright.
I want to be able to eat spaghetti bolognese and not feel bad about it for days and days
All my magazines they talk about weight loss, if I buy those jeans I could look like Kate Moss
I know it's not the life that I chose, but I guess it's just the way that things go

Oh yes, I'm fine, everything's just wonderful, I'm having the time of my life
Oh yes, I'm fine, everything's just wonderful, I'm having the time of my life


Nan You're A Window Shopper -- Lily Allen
(PARODY of 50 Cent's Window Shopper, even much funnier if you compare the two!)
The bottom feels so much better than the top!
So much better.

Nan you're a window shopper,
taking a look but you never buy.
Nan you're a window shopper,
You won't pick it up if its over a fiver.
Nan you're a window shopper,
get on the bus coz you still can't drive.
Nan you're a window shopper,
mad as fuck only just alive.

Get up in the morning and you like your tea milky,
you fumble for your glasses coz without 'em you cant see,
It's funny how I come round your house and I'm 20
and I still have to wear all the presents you sent me.
I walk into your kitchen everything's got a label,
you done your Christmas shopping and we're only in April.
And you wont leave the house unless your wearing your thermals,
you're covered all in cat hair and you're stinking like Strepsils,
Your heading down the Bowls Club,
have another orange squash.
Balls are rollin rollin rollin.
You can't walk right coz things aren't what they were,
your ankles are swollen swollen swollen.

You're walking down the post office to pick up your pension,
and then you're off to Bingo, it's become an obsession.
So wary of the kids when their wearin' their hoods up,
and even if they smile at you, you think its a stick-up.
You only buy the paper just to cut out the coupons,
your saving 50p but what do you want with tampons?
Your always at the doctor picking up your prescription,
and they throw in some K-Y just to ease up the friction.
You gotta leak in your colostomy bag,
yeah its got a hole in hole in hole in.
At the weekend your shopping with your trolley,
its so sad how your rollin rollin rollin.


if you DL, please let me know because I'm very curious to see who listens! Next time I'll try to remember to include a tickybox poll for that purpose.
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