Belenen (belenen) wrote,

leaving LJ Idol

I'm dropping out of LJ idol. Partly because I'm getting voted out next week if not this one, but mostly because it's just not interesting me anymore. Even if I had higher votes I was planning on dropping out this week. There have been some questionable things come about (voting alliances, dishonest vote-getting tactics), which is okay by the rules but serves to remind me that it is not just a group of people writing on the same topic and looking to see what different angles everyone creates -- it's a competition. I loved the group-working-together feeling of many views on the same topic, but I really hate individual competition; I don't like the concept of one winner and many losers. I also found it frustrating to see so much short fiction and/or impersonal pieces, when that is not how I would interpret a game about journaling -- just not my cuppa tea.

So if you've friended me thanks to LJ Idol and you don't feel a connection, feel free to unfriend.

and if you know of a group that does journaling prompts without a competition (still with many-views-one-topic), please let me know.
Tags: writing prompts

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