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blocked / decorating self / birthday presents from Hannah / spirituality / seeking nearby friends

I've felt so blocked for the past week! I think it may be because I was on a weird schedule (for me) -- going to bed at like 7 or 8 pm and getting up 12 hours later. (I'm actually able to write now since it's past midnight. I am a daughter of the Night!) and I am frustrated because I've been trying to reply to comments but I keep stalling out, and I don't want to get more behind! I know you would forgive me but it bothers me to leave comments unacknowledged.

anyway. I went and applied for the passport, which was so much easier than I thought it would be. I felt very brave, driving to a new place all alone and handling it all without too much stressing out. I talked to strangers comfortably as I waited in line, and then chatted with the (friendly!) lady who handled my application. Yay me! *applauds self*

I've also been decorating myself more -- I went and bought a ton of scarves from goodwill to use as head & hip scarves, and I've been buying makeup here and there. I found this amazing shimmery sheer shadow that works PERFECTLY for my under-eye decoration. I have very thin skin under my eyes and no matter how much sleep I get or how healthy I am, I always have purple there. I used to try to hide it with concealer, but since I no longer believe in concealer I have accepted my purple shadows as part of my face and decorate them instead of trying to hide them. They're now one of my favorite features! With shimmery shadow to highlight them, they make me look quite fey.

It had sweated off a little by then -- Saturday was a blissfully hot day.
This insane weather, sweating one day and shivering the next!
I cropped out the earrings because they deserve a post of their own --
I love them at least three times as much as any I have made before. ♥

Also! Hannah's last package finally showed up yesterday so we got on the phone and had a present-opening festival (her b-day is 8 days from mine). We both took photos of our presents 'cause we're like that XD.

packages! five of them had been taunting me for WEEKS.

SNOW LEOPARD FIGURINE!!!!!!!! Oh, this makes me so happy! I love love love love love it. and it is just the right size to go on my altar with my other spiritually significant things. *happiness*

a breathtaking photo of a snow leopard on a no-lines journal
-- which I will hopefully get the courage to draw in. ♥

glow in the dark finger paints! I am going to have SO much fun with those :D :D :D
They're body-safe so I doubt I'll use them on paper.

omg, I keeled over laughing! I haven't tried it out yet ;-)

VIOLET MASCARA!!! I had no idea it would be so delightfully violet -- for some reason all makeup (and glass) that is in purple shades tends toward dusty plum. This is delightfully violet! I haven't tried it yet but I'm sooo happy about it. The purple lipgloss I tried out and it's wayyy too intense on it's own -- I'd have to go really wild and paint my face silver for it to be fitting. But that's definitely something I'd do, so w007! The shadow I haven't tried yet, but it shimmers beautifully in the jar :D

how awesome are those candles? *dances* Bi-pride and rainbow, yay!
lots of candy, cinnamon incense without a trace of apple, and an Azure Ray CD! ♥

me being nuzzled by the clouded leopard previously known as 'Cloudy' *giggles*

the beautiful card that is so incredibly me -- night, tree, girl with stars in her hair.
(I want a full-sized print!)

inside the card -- dragonfly cutouts!

Hannah expresses love ♥ (doesn't she have amazing handwriting?)

opening one of the fold-outs: Hannah explains the 'senses' theme
which I didn't get because I'm not the cleverest leaf on the tree.

another fold-out: Hannah explains the significance of the clouded leopard
-- she was her friend in childhood.

the last fold-out: Hannah worries that I'll be weirded out by the vibe
(hell no! it would only weird me out if it were a stranger giving it to me)

She loved the presents I got her too :D I got her something glow-in-the-dark too, and toys, and a CD, heh -- theme? ;-) We're such wild little children. Every day that passes I get a little more excited about seeing her again. And Nick-n-Kate-n-Meliae! eeeeeeee!!! *hyperhophop*

I want to post about my spirituality -- I keep wanting to, mentally composing entries, and then not doing it. I don't know why! Maybe because I don't fit into any one religion (or even two) so sharing it publicly might make me feel more aware of my aloneness? Maybe because there is just so MUCH and I don't know where to start? I dunno. But that's one of my goals so I hope to get started soon. if you'd be interested, please let me know because I think that would help to motivate me (thanks ever so much oh_simple_thing for your questions! they gave me a good head start on a post).

I made up a little flyer and posted it on the church bulletin board, hoping to find more people around and maybe start a weekly get-together to discuss our similarities/differences/new-thoughts. I've had one person contact me so far, I responded but haven't heard back yet. Hope this works out better than meetup! ;-)
Tags: birthday, giving, hannah, hannah -- visiting 2008 (away), photos, risk-taking, self-decorating, self-portraits, snow leopards, spirituality

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