Belenen (belenen) wrote,

laughter yoga YAY!!! *giggles*

I just found the most amazing, beautiful, inspiring thing ever!

Laughter yoga! and I found a group that meets NEAR ME (in a place I've probably driven by thousands of times) and is free! it's on Wednesdays so I have to wait a whole week but WOW YAY EXCITEMENT!!! *dances, bounces excitedly* And I'm so eager to meet the sort of people who would go! :D ((find one near you!))

I laugh a lot. I don't know if that comes across in my LJ because I'm not speaking it, but if you have met me in person I think you would definitely see me as a very laughing, giggling person. I don't just laugh at things that are funny to me; I laugh out of joy, I laugh out of shock, I laugh when I make mistakes, and I laugh when something is just so bad it's ridiculous. I think I laugh probably as much as a child, if not more. Laughter is part of my language. I have a very loud laugh (sometimes it actually hurts my ears when I'm facing the computer and it gets bounced back to me) which I almost never restrain, even though it often earns me odd (and annoyed!) looks. I giggle more often than I laugh, though -- most of my conversations are sprinkled with giggles.

I see laughter as a spiritual thing -- to me, it's like the rippling echo of a person's spirit. I feel like a person's laugh expresses a lot, and when people laugh I often feel a deep surge of love for them. Smiles are nice, but laughter is glorious. When someone laughs I feel like they have sent off this wave of positive energy, and it absolutely lights me up. I often laugh in response, even if they're far away (like in a store). Because of all of this, I am profoundly curious about how this laughter yoga affects people. In another interview, the founder mentioned that he used to be very serious, and laughed as he said it -- you could see the effect it had on him! *beams*

And I love how a lot of the exercises are touching -- linking arms, laying in a heap, etc. It's like a cuddle party but even better! :D OMG CAN'T CONTAIN EXCITEMENT!!!

amused by life!

also, happy belated birthday fionavere and happy birthday thesaj and sylvanfae! Hope it was/is fantastic! I'm so glad you all exist. ;D
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