Belenen (belenen) wrote,

SUP's homophobic censorship of LJ

SUP has censored several interests including BISEXUALITY and faeries from their list of most popular interests. Stewardess writes:

"Using the wayback machine, I was able to compare Livejournal popular interests from May, 2007, with those of today. In order of size, these are the interests 6A/SUP has disappeared from the daily popular interests report:

Sex, Boys, Girls, Fanfiction, Yaoi, Hardcore, Porn, Bondage, Faeries, Pain, Depression, and Bisexuality.

I confirmed the interest faeries leads to GLBT links, along with a sprinkling of Spenser study groups, pagans, and collectors of winged dolls. Since Wicca was not censored from the most popular interests, it's clear who 6A/SUP is going after."

Help me do something about this. Click here and enter in this text (edit the last paragraph to suit you):
I just discovered that SUP has removed these interests: "Sex, Boys, Girls, Fanfiction, Yaoi, Hardcore, Porn, Bondage, Faeries, Pain, Depression, Bisexuality" from LJ's daily popular interests report, and I am outraged by this censorship. I want LJ to reflect its users, not the prejudices of its owners. I have seen a large number of my friends moving to another journaling site, with more threatening to do the same, and I think that LJ needs to pay attention to this before it loses a large chunk of its paying customers.

I am a _______ (plus, paid, permanent, basic, early adopter) account holder, and if I left, you would be losing the revenue I bring in by ________ (viewing ads, paying yearly, inviting new people to join LJ).

of course, you can also just write your own text. and re-post this! I want to see it FLOOD my flist because I want LJ to at least take NOTICE, which it doesn't seem to be doing. And if you think of anything else we can do to make it known, please let me know and I will take part!

ETA: If no one speaks up about this, they assume that no one cares, and the next time a censorship issue comes up, they are far more likely to act in favor of it because they don't see any negative consequences. If, instead, they face outrage at this, they are less likely to censor in the future.

LJ fixed it!
Tags: lj my beloved home, queerness

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