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self-portraits in opalite linkfall earrings

I made armandii an earring set recently and couldn't resist taking photos in them (don't worry, I always clean them after). The jewelry pieces I make are my babies, I have such a hard time letting them go! ;-) Oh, and I started an etsy account -- don't have much up yet, but I'm planning on making a bunch of simple earrings because I think they'll sell better. This time I want to keep trying until it works. I made two pairs today, though they didn't turn out simple at all -- one took the better part of two hours and the other took one. *rolls eyes at self*

I have discovered Burt's Bees lip shimmer and my friends, I actually like it! I'm collecting all the colors :D I've always hated lip color because it tastes nasty and feels goopy on my lips, but this actually feels like lip gloss, very light, and tastes peppermint YUM! I usually blot, but I wanted intense colors here.


love how the shadow of the branch falls on my face


I love that constellation of moles (the stretched diamond shape) and almost always try to keep it in photos when I crop. ;-)


I have no idea why I haven't used this stone as a backdrop before.


hmm. I may be too pale to properly show off these earrings.


now they're in shadow, that's better.


*smiles at you*


*blurry giggles* because who holds still when giggling?


I love how this indirect lighting makes my eyes look so deep


this one shows just how FULL my lips are


I. LOVE. This. One!


I need an updated selfportraiture icon (new camera, longer hair) but I need another person and another camera for that, argh!

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sabr ══╣╠══
Of course you know that me and my camera are always available for portraiture!
belenen ══╣amused╠══
for some reason that makes me shy! *boggles at self* but I would definitely love to do that sometime. I had so much fun the last time we hung out!
Female - Grif
aliyna ══╣Female - Grif╠══
I am a Burts lip shimmer ADDICT. I usually wear Raisin, but I used to put the Champagne color under my eyes, like you do with your white shadow? The peppermint cooled my puffs and made me all shimmery. But then I gave it away to my mom and haven't done that since.
belenen ══╣shock╠══
ouch! wouldn't the peppermint oil hurt? I guess I just have very sensitive eyes.
aliyna ══╣╠══
jendaby ══╣Heee!╠══
Yay! I am glad you are now on Etsy! I see you are getting many views on your stuff, too - tht's great! I find that the forums there are helpful when selling, too.

I also love the minty lipshimmers from BB! :)

Yay for pretty pictures and jewelry, too! :)
belenen ══╣kissy╠══
well, I am sure half of them are me *blush* I can't resist looking at my own stuff, weirdo that I am.

I checked out the forums after this and did learn some helpful tips, so thanks for suggesting it!

thank you twice :D
flyingshaman ══╣╠══
belenen ══╣╠══
flyingshaman ══╣╠══
belenen ══╣╠══
flyingshaman ══╣╠══
belenen ══╣╠══
flyingshaman ══╣╠══
shadowlily ══╣╠══
i have a stretched diamond of freckles too! i think of it as a kite tho

your eyes are so expressive, lady. it's always amazing.
belenen ══╣curious╠══
ohh, where is yours? I have them all over, many in the exact same proportions (I have lots of moles). I like how you have a different meaning for it!

oh, thank you so much ♥
flyingshaman ══╣╠══
sidheblessed ══╣╠══
That second last photo really shows off your pretty eye colour!
belenen ══╣rainbowarrior╠══
thank you! *beams*
armandii ══╣╠══
Yay for the earrings


flyingshaman ══╣╠══
Those earrings look absolutely gorgeous on you.
belenen ══╣╠══
flyingshaman ══╣╠══
belenen ══╣╠══
depravedhumane ══╣╠══
While I know nothing of Lip Shimmer, be it from Burt's Bee or other places, I do know wonderful photography when i see it.

I truly think you should talk about your eyes more when you take a shot. So very soulful.

Your lips are indeed full, wonderful angles you have of them as well.

Of course, the smile and giggle are my favorite, mostly because it is a smile all the way to your eyes, which so many people can't do in this day. Your eyes show that you truly are expressing the smile, the laugh, the just about anything.

Wonderful shots dear and I know a certain wife who is making ooh, aah noises over the earrings, so i will get her over to the etsy page.
belenen ══╣amused╠══
thank you so much! ♥ *beams*

oh yay! What sort of colors does she like? I'll try to list some that she'd especially like. ;-)
depravedhumane ══╣╠══
belenen ══╣╠══
jenniology ══╣╠══
You look amazing!
belenen ══╣adoring╠══
thank you! *glows*
Our Family - Me
mermaiden ══╣Our Family - Me╠══
You are gorgeous!!! And those earrings are pure lovely~ :)

The lip shimmers are the only color I ever put on my lips. I like the "raisin" one best~ :D
belenen ══╣magical╠══
oh, thank you! What a compliment from a fae mermaid such as yourself :D

only color, me too! but I also love glittery glosses. glitter = magic! I never stopped believing in that ;-)
thiswaste ══╣╠══
Your lips are perfection.

They look so soft and that red looks great on them.
belenen ══╣kissy╠══
oh, wow, thank you!!! *kisses*
aetheric ══╣╠══
So beautiful. ♥
belenen ══╣loving╠══
oh thank you ♥
A more recent pic.
fatalperception ══╣A more recent pic.╠══
You are so beautiful!
And I am totally digging those earrings.
belenen ══╣vivacious╠══
thank you! and YAY! :D
aniumus ══╣╠══
I like your " *smiles at you*" pic the best - you look so happy and friendly :D
belenen ══╣vivacious╠══
thank you!
acid_burns ══╣╠══
You sure know how to wear red lipstick :)

And your eyes? An endless thing of wonder.
belenen ══╣artless╠══
awesome! I usually feel SO overdone, but it's okay when I do overdone on purpose, somehow *giggles*

oh, what a beautiful compliment. You made my heart skip a beat! thank you!
11; daisy -
delicatexflower ══╣11; daisy - "bloom"╠══

purple is such a great color on you.
i love the eyeshadow on you ;) purple
just fits you so well. when i think of
the color, i feel a vibe and it makes me
think of you ;)
belenen ══╣artless╠══
thank you! and awwww <3
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on communication, social justice, intimacy, consent, friendship & other relationships, spirituality, gender, queerness, & dreams. Expect to find curse words, nudity, (occasionally explicit) talk of sex, and angry ranting, but NEVER slurs or sexually violent language. I use TW when I am aware of the need and on request.
Expect to find curse words, nudity, (occasionally explicit) talk of sex, and angry ranting, but NEVER slurs or sexually violent language. I use TW when I am aware of the need and on request.