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Dear people-who-responded-to-my-colors-poll

You are AWESOME!
Thanks everybody for telling me your favorite color. I believe you can learn a lot about a person from their favorite color. For instance:

vivid violet --intense person, wants everything extreme. Wants everything to be as itself as possible. Loves compexity. "Too much" for many people's taste.

puuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrple --annoying brat who diesn't follow directions. Just kidding! Deep, reserved person who loves complexity. Again, "too much" for many people's taste.

Navy Blue --doesn't mesh easily with most, likes life to be calm and comfortable.

crimson --deeply passionate person, wants life to be full and beautiful. Loves truth.

blood red --fiercely passionate person, wants something to fight for and something to fight against. Loves truth.

silvery grey --sensitive person, wants life to be rich and yet light, like cotton candy but at the same time a milkshake. Wants to experience life fully and yet remain somewhat detatched.

dark lilac --intense but muted, the type who holds in deep feelings until they get strong enough to burst free on their own. Loves compexity.

ultramarine --lighthearted and cheerful person who loves people. Wants life to be like a roller-coaster ride, fast and exciting.

emerald green and wine red --a person of contradictions, loves depth and philosophy. Wants life to be a series of explorations, with new knowledge gained at every step.

light yellow --pleasant person, happy but not loud. Wants life to be joyful, wants to bring happiness to others.

Cerealen --deep, intense person, constantly seeking truth. Everything in life is intense, whether good or bad. Wants life to be pure, either true or false.

sky blue turquoise or lime sherbet --a person of two worlds. In one, everything in life is bright and calm; in the other, life is intense and either extremely sour or extremely sweet.

pink. not hot pink, not pastel, just normal pink. --sweet person, the type you can depend on. Laid-back and honest. Wants life to be sweet.

(view the results and match people to their color) or tell me your favorite color!

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