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music sharing: Fauxliage, Sia, PJ Harvey, Little Dragon

22 of my five-star favorite songs on the 22nd of each month ;-) A five-star song is one that has strong melodic pull as well as significant lyrical meaning to me -- all of these are very important to me. In sharing them I'm sharing some of my soul... I'm trusting you to listen and sense it. I share randomly based on what I've been listening to lately.

In this post: Fauxliage, Sia, PJ Harvey, & Little Dragon. Fauxliage I discovered while watching the show Moonlight -- I heard a snippet of a song near the end paused it to google the lyrics frantically, already deliriously in love with their sound. The show has a very deep meaning for me, and since they used at least three of Fauxliage's songs in various episodes, the music became entwined with the show for me. But I would love it for itself -- it has such yearning in it. I bought Sia's "Some People Have Real Problems" because of the cover art -- markers scribbled on her face ;-) -- and because I had caught bits of her music here and there and loved it. I had no idea I would fall so in love! Her childlike faith and AMAZING metaphor just enchant me. and she's so delightfully odd! And P.J. Harvey, well. So FEIRCE! so much wildness -- there is nothing tame or chained about her. And I love her intensely metaphorical and iconoclastic lyrics. She pulls out the truth like a rug from under society's feet and holds it up -- not with shouts of victory, but with simple offering. "This is the way it is" -- no defensiveness, no apologies. Lastly, Little Dragon was introduced to me by dragonwine, and I actually liked them only a little on the first listen -- but after another round through the CD, I decided I love them! I can't wait for them to release a second album.

Belenen's favorites -- March 2008 mix

the links with ** afterwards have full song downloads -- most are 30 second samples.


Without You -- Fauxliage (from self-titled album)
You say you'll wait for something better
You're gonna rest for a while
I bet you'd bet it all to get her
All the world for a bitter smile

If you're staying I should leave
Get my things and I'll be gone tomorrow
If you're leaving I will stay
Thank you for the heart you let me borrow

What did I ever say to send you
What have I ever done but love you
I wonder what I'll do without you

She'll never make you a believer
I hope you're saving all your tears
You've gotta have so much to keep her
Cry a river in a hundred years


Let It Go -- Fauxliage (from self-titled album)
I'll begin to let you go
When the sunlight melts the snow
Every night I drive away from you
I see the mountains I have to move

And you there, you don't care
I wonder if you

Wanted me like I wanted you
It's a lonely truth
That I can't change you
And you sure can't change me

It's hard to hell tonight to sleep
To close my eyes would admitting my defeat

Are you
Wanting me like I wanted you?


All The World -- Fauxliage (from self-titled album)
I'll break you down
I'll take you down, down
Fill you with sadness
Make your life madness

I'm having a hard time
I'm making you do the hard time too.
I'm stuck in a bad way
And I'm gonna make you pay for it.

Give me a mile
I'll take a hundred miles
Such a mistake
Sorry you make

I know you're here
I know you're gone
I never asked you to stay
I'm waking up, baby
Now tell me, are you ok?


Someday The Wind -- Fauxliage (from self-titled album)
This storm will never lose control
She will rise and fall with the tide
I have found something to hold
A place to go, somewhere to hide

Someday the wind will blow
I know that someday the sun will show
So go on and blow

There's an X over our names
We lost the game
There's no way to win it
Giving every drop you have
Won't matter much
If your heart isn't in it

There's a place where we can go
I know the way
Just say the word


Rafe -- Fauxliage (from self-titled album)
I would love to see you out here tonight
Just you dancing under the light

I wake when I sleep
And I know it's you
I sing a prayer
I wrote just for you

Feel her touch you
Make no sound
There is love all around
Can you hear this song tonight,
calling out to you?

Hold on to my heart I will take you there
Under moon and stars I will take you where
oceans gather
Make no sound
There is love all around

All the pretty stars coming out to see
All the pretty stars and maybe you and me
We'll be watching off the ground
There is love all around



Playground -- Sia (from "Some People Have Real Problems")
Come with me to a place of fantasy
I’ll take you on a sea-saw
Come with me to a place that’s by the sea
I’ll take you on a board walk
Take my hand I’ll take you to the sand
You and me will build a castle
Ready set go I’ll race you to the wall
I will win, I am the fastest

I don’t wanna grow old
Bring me all the toys you can find
You don’t wanna grow up
You can be my partner in crime

I’ll be sure to write you from the war
Put your guns away it’s tea time
Water bombs and tea towel tired mums
Looking for a little me time
Close your eyes and count to thirty five
You may never ever find me
Close my eyes and then I realise
You are never far behind me

Let’s have fun, let’s play out under the sun
Will you take me by the hand
Let’s see how far we can run, yeah
Let’s play chase let’s put make up on our face
You can catch me if you can
We can make a secret place

Meet me at the playground, come with me, fool around


Electric Bird -- Sia (from "Some People Have Real Problems")
Someone plugged you in
And sadly they clipped your wings
Now you can’t fly away electric bird
Yeah someone took your tweet
One day they fed you that bad seed
You can’t fly away electric bird

Well you’re art, you fell into this part
You play the victim perfectly holding your beating heart
You used to be so smart
You fluttered round the yard making your magic

Got to set you free, you were blinded by deceit
You can’t fly away electric bird

So now this rooms all staged
While you’re stuck there in that cage
You can’t fly away electric bird


Academia -- Sia (from "Some People Have Real Problems")
You can be my alphabet and I will be your calculator
And together we’ll work out on the escalator
I will time you as you run up the down
And you’ll measure my footsteps as I pleasure this town
The mean of our heights is divided by the nights
Which is times’d by the daggers and the route of all our fights,
The pass of your poem is to swathe me in your knowing
And the beauty of the word is that you don’t have to show it

Oh academia you can’t pick me up
Soothe me with your words when I need your love

I am a dash and you are a dot
When will you see that I am all that you’ve got
I’m a binary code that you cracked long ago
But to you I’m just a novel that you wish you’d never wrote
I’m greater than x and lesser than y, so why is it
that I still can’t catch your eye?

You’re a cryptic crossword, a song I’ve never heard
While I sit here drawing circles I’m afraid of being hurt

You’re a difficult equation with a knack for heart evasion
Will you listen to my proof or will you add another page on
It appears to me the graph has come and stolen all the laughs
It appears to me the pen has over analysed again
And if I am a number I’m infinity plus one
And if you are five words you are afraid to be the one

And if you are a number you’re infinity plus one
And if I am four words then I am needing of your love


The Girl You Lost To Cocaine -- Sia (from "Some People Have Real Problems")
I’ve stuck around, through thick and through thin
You cannot deny, I’ve always been in
But I’ve watched you stand, still as a snowman
But I don’t see you change, you’re always at meltdown

Yeah I’ve been your crutch, your smell sight and touch
Yeah I took you home when you’ve drunk too much
But I can’t survive, with you by my side
See I’ll never get laid, while I’m running your life

No I just don’t wanna, so I’m walking away
There is nothing that you can do; I will not stay
No I don’t need drama, so I’m walking away
Yeah I am a girl with a lot on her plate

So just cut me loose, learn to tie your shoes
There’s somebody here, I’d like to introduce
So look in the mirror, look for the glass
‘Cause you’re not my problem, you are my past!


Soon We'll Be Found -- Sia (from "Some People Have Real Problems")
Come along it is the break of day
Surely now, you’ll have some things to say
It’s not the time for telling tales on me

So come along, it wont be long
‘Til we return happy
Shut your eyes, there are no lies
In this world we call sleep
Let’s desert this day of hurt
Tomorrow we’ll be free

Let’s not fight I’m tired can’t we just sleep tonight
don’t Turn away it’s just there’s nothing left here to say
Turn around I know we’re lost but soon we’ll be found

Well it’s been rough but we’ll be just fine
Work it out yeah we’ll survive
You mustn’t let a few bad times dictate


PJ Harvey

Dress -- PJ Harvey** (from "Dry")
Put on that dress
I'm going out dancing
Starting off red
Clean and sparkling, he'll see me
Music play, make it dreamy for dancing
Must be a way that I can dress to please him
It's hard to walk in the dress, it's not easy
I'm swinging over like a heavy loaded fruit tree

If you put it on
If you put it on
If you put it on
If you put it on

It's sad to see
Lonely, all this lonely
Close up my eyes
Dreamy, dreamy music, make it be alright
Music play, make it good for romancing
Must be a way I can dress to please him
Swing and sway, everything will be alright
But it's feeling so damn tight tonight

If you put it on
If you put it on
If you put it on
If you put it on

"You pretty thing" my man says
"But I bought you beautiful dresses"

Filthy tight, the dress is filthy
I'm falling flat and my arms are empty
Clear the way, better get it out of this room
A fallen woman in dancing costume


Sheela Na Gig -- PJ Harvey** (from "Dry")
I've been trying to show you over and over
Look at these my child-bearing hips
Look at these my ruby red ruby lips
Look at these my work strong arms and
You've got to see my bottle full of charm
I lay it all at your feet
You turn around and say back to me
He said

"Sheela-na-gig, sheela-na-gig
You exhibitionist!
Sheela-na-gig, sheela-na-gig
You exhibitionist!"

Gonna wash that man right out of my hair
Just like the first time, said he didn't care
Gonna wash that man right out of my hair
Heard it before, no more
Gonna wash that man right out of my hair
Turn the corner, another one there
Gonna wash that man right out of my hair
Heard it before
He said

"Sheela-na-gig, sheela-na-gig
You exhibitionist!
Sheela-na-gig, sheela-na-gig
You exhibitionist!"

Put money in your idle hole
Put money in your idle hole

Gonna take my hips to a man who cares
Turn the corner, another one there
Gonna take my hips to a man who cares

He said "wash your breasts, I don't want to be unclean"
He said "please take those dirty pillows away from me"


The Sky Lit Up -- PJ Harvey (from "Is This Desire?")
I'm walking in the city tonight
I'm walking in the city at dark
Remembering, remember light
Thinking of nothing, and the shooting stars

And this world tonight is mine
A world to be remembered in

The sky lit up
The sky, my friend
And I'm lighter than I've ever been

I saw the trees crossing the moon
I saw the stars and heaven above
Shine on my own beautiful prayer
Shining on my own beautiful love


Shame -- PJ Harvey (from "Uh Huh Her")
I don't need no rising moon
I don't need no ball and chain
I don't need anything but you
Such a shame, shame, shame

Shame, shame, shame
Shame is the shadow of love

You changed my life
We were as green as grass
And I was hypnotized
From the first 'til the last

I'd jump for you into the fire
I'd jump for you into the flame
Tried to go forward with my life
I just feel shame, shame, shame

If you tell a lie
I still would take the blame
If you pass me by
It’s such a shame, shame, shame


Pocket Knife -- PJ Harvey (from "Uh Huh Her")
How the world just turns & turns
How does anybody learn?

Cos I feel like I've just been born
Even though I'm getting on
How the world slips by so fast

Flowers I can do without
I don't wanna be tied down
White material will stain
My pocket knife's gotta shiny blade
I'm not trying to cause a fuss
I just wanna make my own fuck-ups
I'm not trying to break your heart
I'm just trying not to fall apart


You Came Through -- PJ Harvey** (from "Uh Huh Her")
We are waiting
For the summer
The sun will bring back
Treasures for us

Come on my friend
Drink to good times
Golden wishes
To your health and mine

You come through
For me
You come true
For me
You be well
For me
You come through
For me

I'll be lifted
On this our holiday
I'll take you my friend
I'll take you with me


The Darker Days Of Me & Him -- PJ Harvey (from "Uh Huh Her")
Promises, promises
I'm feeling burned
You taught me a lesson
I didn't want to learn

Why did I come here?
Please tell me again
Why did you ask me?
Don't say you forget

I long for, I long for
I long for my home
I long for a land where
No man was ever known

With no neurosis
No psychosis
No psychoanalysis
And no sadness

I'll pick up the pieces
I'll carry on somehow
Tape the broken parts together
And limp this love around

Limp this love around


One Line -- PJ Harvey (from "Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea")
Do you remember the first kiss?
Star shooting across the sky
To come to such a place as this
You never left my mind

I'm watching from the wall
As, in the streets, we fight
This world all gone to war
All I need is you tonight

And I draw a line
To your heart today
To your heart from mine
A line to keep us safe

All through the rising sun
All through the circling years
You were the only one
Who could have brought me here

Watch the stars now moving
'Cross the sky
Keep this feeling
Safe tonight


Horses In My Dreams -- PJ Harvey (from "Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea")
Horses in my dreams
Like waves, like the sea
They pull out of here
They pull, they are free

I have pulled myself clear

Horses in my dreams
Like waves, like the sea
On the tracks of a train
Set myself free again


Little Dragon

Recommendation -- Little Dragon** (from self-titled album)
(((anti-beauty-myth yay!)))
Flourished and sprayed with perfume
So sweetened, you're doomed for a well garnished life
Flourished and sprayed with perfume
So sweetened, you're doomed for a well varnished tomb now

Textiles with textures caressing your skin
Woman so primitive looking content
Pout your lips, you're such a bird
Shhh don’t utter a word

Don’t wrinkle your forehead
Don’t even think, recommendation
From a magazine pout your lips
Your such a bird
Shhh don’t utter a word

What an ideal
To make you proud lick her face
And tell her wow pout her lips
She’s such a bird shhh, don’t utter a word

It’s a recommendation
From magazines


Forever -- Little Dragon (from self-titled album)
From the start love was swaying bouncing orchestra playing loud
Oh so enlightening but it also felt frightening when
A lasso in high speed make a perfect knot around my knees
I’m falling into warm embrace while secretly in chains

‘Cause I wanna call it forever call
This thing forever forever
I wanna call it forever call
This thing forever forever

Dedication so newborn burning flavours inside of me
Oh from a vision I recall your presence in a zoom

Romance blooming smells so nice out plays any harmonies
Oh I’m floating up stream and my knees are shaking
So as we sway orchestra play oh I hope we make it


Test -- Little Dragon (from self-titled album)
A test, a test, a test, no rest
No rest, no rest
Just when you wanna exhale
Yoga down hill
He stands in the light kisses your ears
Just when you wanna relax
Wanna be alone
A crowd comes

Just when you wanna give up
And everything’s flat
Emotions running back and forth
There’s no rest, no rest
Hurry to be on track
Don’t wanna walk back
Steady on the elevator lift to the top

A stop, a stop, a challenge
Confess, confess

Just when you think it’s the end
And everything’s black
Hiding in the dark there’s a sudden flash light
And your back
Back on the elevator lift to the top, another stop


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