Belenen (belenen) wrote,

oh life, oh the love and joy! glittering with ecstasy ♥

I am in awe of life right now. Total and complete fucking awe. My life is richer than cheesecake, I can hardly stomach it! I am absolutely the most blessed, loved, doted-on-by-deity person that there ever is, was, or will be! I am SOOOOO happy, SO happy, SO SO SO filled with JOY!

I feel like I suddenly got pregnant and gave birth, all in a few days, and then two days later it happened again! and now I feel pregnant again. (not literally) Now I have all these newborn fae creations, all this life, all this love, floods and floods of joy joy joy. So much! I am absolutely overwhelmed, in the best way. Oh, how can life be so beautiful? how can I be so... blessed? How can this be? How can this be?

Oh God/dess, oh Nut, oh Jesus, oh Ma'at, oh life, how can you love me so much? how can you bless me so much? How can I be so cherished?

I have cried with joy almost every day for the past week. Is it any wonder I cannot express this? I marvel at how I manage not to explode -- how can one person hold so much joy and love and faith and hope? such gratitude.

I'm not yet ready to explain, but I will tell you what I believe opened the way for this love-joy to enter my life. Here is my affirmation:
I dwell in the midst of infinite abundance; the abundance of God/dess is my infinite Source. The river of life never stops flowing. It flows through me into lavish expression. Good comes to me through unexpected avenues. God/dess works in myriad ways to bless me. I now open my spirit, heart, soul, mind and body to receive my good. Nothing is too good to be true -- nothing is too wonderful to happen. With God/dess as my Source, all of my dreams come true. I attract miraculous happenings and open, honest, loving, connected people. I find new friends everywhere I go; I make deep connections with people who live near me. People fall in love with me, and I fall in love with them. All of my friendships grow stronger and healthier. I give freely and fearlessly into life, and life gives generously to me, with fantastic increase of love, joy, faith, and hope. Blessings come in expected and unexpected ways. God/dess provides for me in wondrous ways. I am grateful. Thank you God/dess!
Tags: affirmation, aurilion, faith, hannah, joy, love, magic, spirituality, turning points

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